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i can't find the summon oil blob anywhere, but I have the ability


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Summon Oily Blob is a Polymorph Skill
You can find it under the Polymorph Skill tab
Does Companion Tiger considered as Geomancer skill ? If so , this page is missing it. I found it at Huwbert's secret chamber...
Maybe the damage bonus of Geo spells should change according to equipped weapons(strength when using a sword, finess when using daggers). The reasons are, One, the status effects like crippled and knockdown are resisted by physical armor, an intelligence-based geo mage deals earth/poison damage resisted by magic armor, which means unless you have a companion who deals physical damage your enemy will never suffer these debuff. Two, the posion damage is quite low if you don't put any points in intelligence, meaning you have to put points both in intelligence and geo skills if you want to heal your undead character, unlike normal healer who only need hydro skills and no intelligence when healing non-undead.
There's a reason why Geomancery has acid, you know, the effect that destroys physical armor? The oil goes through magic armor and Int based geomancer has magic damage via poison.
You could always use a bow for ranged physical damage. That removes the physical armor, and then after crippling enemies with impalement, you can use a fire arrow and ignite the oil that appeared, and now they cant move and they are on fire. As for regarding the healing from poison for undead characters, it's because it's a rather specific case. It's a damage ability, not a direct heal, thus it works like a damage spell as that's what it is.
Geomancer feel like it could have been plit into two school earth and poison. the game count earth and poison damage separately type too
I am having an issue with making Venomous Aura. Twice now, I have tried to make it using a level 2 Scoundrel book and a level 2 Geo book. Both times it has given me Venom Coating. This is so frustrating because I have wasted 4 books now. Has anyone experienced this? I have never had a problem combining books before.
To make the Venomous Aura you need one of the two books to be a source book. For example "Mortal Blow (Source Scoundrel) + Fortify = Venomous Aura. Either one of the books can be a source book, doesn't matter from which of the two trees.
You need a geomancer source skill and a scoundrel source skill (i.e. skills that need source to cast, the skillbooks that "glow"). The level of the skill has no effect
Worm tremor + Torturer talent has been useful. Sets Entangled on a good sized surface; can't be resisted. I have occasionally seen enemies use movement skills to escape it, but most of the time it's a good CC for groups of melee opponents. Works on bosses.
As an aside, when MY characters are entangled, they can't teleport or use movement skills. And the description says that entangled characters can't teleport. So when I see enemies using phoenix dive or whatever to escape, it's possible that they have walk it off or some other skill that has freed them. Or maybe it's a bug (wouldn't be the only one)
I think the scoundrel teleport backstab move breaks free of it, but probably isn’t supposed to. Also seen enemigo invisible and somehow the AI forgets its entangled.
How come there is no spell to apply petrify?
Dwarves are the only ones that get that, and they get it as a racial spell