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That passive patient at the very beginning sounds identical to Eileen the Crow.
If anyone still plays this masterpiece (like me) pls add me Corbin_Joshua :) (german / english)
In the Research Hall on the Hunters Nightmare DLC NG+ I missed a whole level and cant go back! After I went all the way to the top and turned the device that changed all the staircases so I could get to the boss, I noticed the 2nd level and some items i missed. I believe this level has the jumping patients. My question is, can I get to that level after I've already turned the device?? I cant find any ledge or set of stair cases to jump from to get to it! and its urking my ******! I WANT ALL THE LOOT BABY! #GitGud
Yes, you can. I did the stair case first, before looting up the top.
it's interesting (and in fact I was wondering why) to note that in the hunter's nightmare there are two,maybe three clocktowers:one is the same that exist in the waking world;another is that from where the fishing hamlet can be accessed. The last one,that I noticed a few minutes ago but I didn't find any clear proof of it being real, if i'm not wrong is right above the research hall. You can see it nearly every time you see the whole building from the distance but to see if this last one really is there an image of it from the living failures arena would be better than everything. However does anyone have lore theories for this and confirm it?
IS there some reason this stupid ***** Adeline won't take the second brain fluid? I've used the first blood she gave me, reloaded the area (AND the game) like 3 times.... did my game just glitch out and I can't finish this*****? nvm.. loaded the game a 4th time right in front of her and she was in distress... Why do i have to reload an area or even QUIT a game to continue a game? this is so stupid...
oh look..... I had to QUIT THE GAME again (warping back to the lamp twice and even going back to Hunter's Dream didn't work) just to get the stupid***** to end up being nothing but a squishy mass in the corner.... (to get the milkweed rune). what the ***** From?