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NG+3 247500 SOULS
At first I thought this boss was BS. Then I tried staying in front of his head like the guide says and there are clear tells for all of his attacks, it's actually quite skill based, one of the funnest bosses.
Look at all this salt. You guys gotta relax. He’s not that hard. Stick to his head, and finish him with a visceral attack.
i just did a dry run of the fight, he is not that hard stick to his head and learn his fire attacks, use a good fire shield (im using dark knight shield +3) i would NOT recommend a slow heavy weapon, your only open to his attacks. since im on NG++ i have more of a challenge.
You can literally use Heavy Weapons from the start to finish. They actually make most regular enemies much easier. Dex weapons are too much of a risk since they don't stagger. But, different playstyles, for different people.
Ranged is a viable strategy, I just killed him with a +9 blackbow and only used 3 estus, each shot does almost 400 damage to his head but you have way more opportunities to headshot him than hit him with melee, and staying at range keeps you safe from all of his melee attacks, literally the only attacks you even have to worry about are the dark orbs in his second phase and his laser beams
Gotta emphasize the importance of staying right where his neck meets his head. You can swing your weapon toward the screen to still get head hits, and it totally affects his choice of combos to ones that're more manageable. This is tougher in the second stage since so many attacks make you run, but really focus on that.
This "stay in front of him lol" meme has gotta stop.
I found attacking the back of his feet to work quite well when a phantom is helping you out by shooting lightning bolts at his face. Rarely hits you and when he does you have more than enough time to heal up.
If you are really having problems with this boss, let me tell you: IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH TWO RESPECS to get the requirement to use pestilent mist, I just killed him my third try on NG++ using a combo of mist and arrows and it's true, mist absolutely wrecks this boss. Just put on whatever armor you can to get down to below 30% so you can run toward his lasers in second phase (directly under him is the only sure way to not die to that *****ing attack) and cast mist whenever he stops moving, I used arrows for when he flew or tantrum'd out of range.
I used sunlight spear and lightning stake. Lightning Infused Lothric straight sword. I used 6 HP and 6 FP flask setup had 1 fp flask left... I used an Ember during the fight to heal. Carefully time your spears, and weave in some melee if he gets in yo grill. His attacks are pretty easy to roll. When he flies into the air, run straight towards him and continue to the left, this should get you out of the fire in time, otherwise, you can roll at the last second to guarantee you dont get hit by the fire. Lightning arrow is good, but spear deals about 200 more damage, and can deal 1500 damage if you hit his head while in melee range, ~900 if you hit in melee range anywhere. When he's in phase two, wait for the laser beam attack, so long as you're just a little bit in front of him you should be able to get 3 lightning stakes off when he's exhausted. Being a little bit infront of him and just to the left or right of his head should avoid all of the laser beam attack. After you land the stakes, one more spear to the face will exhaust him and open him up to a final critical. Damage will depend on your build. This is not an easy strat, but it's incredibly fun, really encourages you to learn all of his hitboxes subsequently making him easier on each attempt. It's also INCREDIBLY fun to smash his face with lightning stakes. It just feels so right.
can you help me the boss fight is really hard and I'm in NG+ so can you help me?
oh and put it outside his room
i beat midir thanks to anyone who helped me
This is probably my favorite boss in the entire soulsborne franchise.i may just say this because I have a fetish for dragon fights in dark souls but I love this boss. Also this boss is 100% fair. If you find his attacks "unavoidable" you need to git gud. And people who complain about the damage of his attacks, the beam only does slightly more damage than Dragonslayer Armor's swipe at new game. Plus the frayed blade is dope.
Clunky and boring is the words id use. Few and long chained attacks are boring by themselves but mix it with stupidly abusable tactics rather than fun fast combat this boss is exactly what you said. Just a dragon fetish fight.