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"Scales on the Faith Portion of your Catalyst". If that's true, why does it give a different amount of AR than Lightning Blade when I cast it with my Canvas Talisman? Shouldn't it be the same if it ONLY scales on Faith like a normal miracle?
This has 0.85 spell buff AR increase, while lightning blade (and DMB) are 0.95.
I'm relatively new to the series, so can anyone tell me why a dark miracle only scales with faith? Shouldn't it scale with both like every other dark miracle, sorcery, and pyromancy?
Basically the Sable Church has a loose connection to the deity Velka from DS1, who herself has some connection to humanity and therefore darkness. Faith is a stat that canonically connects an undead to the power of the Gods, so it makes sense why this is a miracle and scales only with the spell buff from Faith. Also, that's not true. Another weapon buff that only scales with Faith is the Lightning Blade miracle for the same reason. A lot of this stuff has never been fully pieced together and the narratives are pretty convoluted, so don't worry too much about it.
Which is better.. a) dark infusion and int + faith splitted, or b) dark blade and only faith focused ...??
I'd say Faith focus, because you can also increase Physical/Lightning/Magic with the other miracles in case an enemy is resistant to one of those types. If you're using the bare minimum physical stats for a weapon, you can also infuse it with Raw.
Anyone else use this over DMV or Lightning Blade? Idk, having to rebuff every 60 seconds at 50 FP a pop as compared to Dark Blade’s 35 FP just for the 20-25 AR difference is sort of worth it to me. At 18 attunement, I found myself buffing my weapon much more consistently and my Estus lasting a lot longer.
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