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This bloke needs to visit a chiropractor.
I exhausted both Creighton's and Pate's dialogue, and in earthen peak, Pate gave me his whole armor set. When i go to the house in Brighstone, they're not there. Since i have Pate's armor, i wanted to kill Creighton and get his armor. I don't know why they aren't at Brightstone.
Did you meet Creighton at Shaded Woods?
why is this all on Spanish? Like it'd be fine if this wiki was for the dedicated to Spanish but uh... it's not.
¿Tu puedes escribir en ingles? No puedo entender español


Battle Tested

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Seems like this might be bugged in SotFS if you get the treasure he’s talking about before you talk to him then he won’t allow you to complete his dialog. I’m on PC if that matters.
you need to trigger the closure of the gate, not getting the trasure itself
"I'm going to kill you later on..."
He gave us a soapstone. Solaire gave us a soap stone. So this guy is like the new Solaire
Do I have to summon him at the forrest if I want to find him later?
No, you don't.
Only if you want his armor, and he has to survive the fight
Reference to Patches. Spear + Shield + Secretly an ****** + Tricks you by saying "oh there's treasure in there" + Acts innocent.
Ah, but pate informs you off the treasure and the trap, patches tells you off the treasure and tries to trap you himself, technically, the only thing pate technically did wrong was leave Creighton trapped, but Creighton says he tries to trap pate, so in hindsight, Creighton is the ******, he got caught in his own trap and wants to kill pate for his own incompetence, mentions he travels from land to land honing his skills, the map guy says he recognises some serial killer from Mirrah, creighton says about some unusual ring, surely checking out the person's jewelry before trying to trap him, isn't that more like patches? Although when pate gives you his armour, ring and spear, that's technically sneaky, since that would make you look like pate, considering Creighton obviously isn't very clever, he would kill you thinking it was pate, but since pate says before each trap that he's basically too scared to continue, this isn't unusual for a nervous person.
he doesnt trick you
Lame boneless patches
I'm killing him without a doubt, but I'll wait until a certain "friend" shows up - RK14