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Anybody who doesn't bring Heat Guard to this fight is just a straight-up idiot. Skilled gunners can sometimes get away without having it, even though I don't remember it. It's beatable w/o heat guard for blademasters but why would you even want to? As for her nova: leave the area (if you're close enough to the edge) or - better yet - farcast. I solo'd this ***** tempered in less than 15 minutes. Git gud or go play casual games.
even though I don't RECOMMEND it********************
Heat Guard LOL
Heat guard? Beat AT lunastra with LBG and -6 fire resist, raising your fire elemnt doesnt help , use evade extender to roll out ofnthe radius
I never mentioned fire resist. Fire resist is mostly good for mitigating damage and preventing fireblight. It helps but isn't necessarily a top-priority. Heat Guard is great for blademasters, but like I said, gunners can get away with it easier.
Clarifying why OP uses heat guard. Fire resistance reduces damage from fire element attacks. Heat guard nullifies heat damage, which is the damage from standing on molten floor, lava, etc. which coincidentally matches lunastras' body heat into the surrounding air mechanic. While i never found a need to use it myself as a blademaster or gunner, it is sound advice if that's what's sabotaging your hunt.
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The Anon clarifying heat guard makes solid points. Heat Guard is some good QoL if you're not running health regen on your weapon (???), aren't using astera jerky (who even remembers this is an item?), and aren't used to her attacks already. Though the Teostra has far less residual fire than Lunastra, you're justifying Heat Guard as a requirement for standing next to Teostra. Once you're used to Teostra, Heat Guard becomes a wasted point, which the same goes for Lunastra. As for the Tempered flex, tempered monsters don't get more health, they just do X% more damage and are X% faster. Simple concept, but if you're just playing bow and running Rocksteady, why even flex at that point?
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I heard from someone that blast has the same effect that flash pods have on her, is this true?


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A way to survive her supernova attack: if you get knocked down (or superman dive), do not move or attempt to get up. You don't receive the constant damage from the heat while on the ground.
you get up automatically eventually.
Yep, worthless. If you dive and not move, Lunestra will be on top of u in seconds. Again stop assuming utube vids are true. Capcom buffed the crap out if this event. Not beatable, unless you have the perfect build, don't waste the time on this one.
If you don't move when you get knocked down you will be stay down LONGER (not forever) and take no damage from the GOD D**** NUKE when you are on the ground, this is what I do to survive the fallout or other emergency situation and it works most of the time. I'm sure if you superman dive you will get up straight away so you have to be knocked down first to do this.
Tried arch tempered Lunestra. What a joke, all she does is spam hit and heat up for the 1 shot nuke. She spams it till you get hit, so far casting out is BS. She will wait till you return, or time runs out. Capcom needs to balance this ctap. Behemoth was Easter. This event was a joke. Unless your on the world team as seen on YouTube. These people took out arch temp Lunestra in under 5 min. However no one I have ever seen can work a charge blade like this one guy. Then a icebox, takes her in under 3 min. Don't even consider it. I call BS, Lunestra not one time does her heat nova attack, they bash the crao out of her literally on her side till death. Maybe the key is using a stronger offense so you won't need the defences. Probably why I can't beat here. She appears to be unable to create the super nova, so long you have enough dps to keep her too weak to use So try a really high dmg build and stay on her. Though teostra now makes an appearance in the 1st couple waves so again. Utube is not the best or realistically true for most players.
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Any monster gets reduced to a sandbag if you deal enough damage to stagger them consistently. This however takes practice. The players doing that run monster multiple times and shoot the best records to show it's possible. This doesn't mean you have to hold yourself to the same standards or levels of play. Lunastra gets really easy if you understand the essence of the game. Be prepared, adapt. Her heat hurts you too much? make a heat guard charm or get the armor piece that gives it. fire damage is what is hurting you? maybe slot in some fire resistance in your set. The ult is wiping out your parties? maybe consider a supportish build. Some survivavility options, wide area maxed, maxed wind resist (so she wont blow you to the floor) fast eating maxed and bring some potions, maybe fit in some mushroomancer if you can. Something that helps in any fight with her is the fireproof mantle, as it massively reduces all fire and heat damage. There are multiple ways to overcome lunastra, you just have to be a bit more adaptive.
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Jesus, did they buff her for PC? Rolling with Dante set which has high defense and fire resistance, and her attacks deal a ludicrous amount of damage for something that was a moveset shakeup to Teostra in 4U.
I feel like something happened. Yesterday I was able to kill her with little problem, now half of what she's putting out can get me down to 20% hp in one hit.
There's definitely something up with the damage she's doing with smaller attacks, smaller knocks are still taking off huge chunks of health. Her hitbox for her tailswipe is also ridiculous, I've been knocked out of the air multiple times while hovering over her back with IG.
On PC she posses a fairly decent difficulty. Soloing tempered Luna is where the pain is at. I have to really watch for my fire res and eat for ele L. Not to mention a cool drink and sometimes an adamant pill. She really forces you to pay more attention to preparation than any monster in game. Hunting her is the only one time i will ever use astera jerky.
*The following is my personal experience and thoughts on the monster and design around it. This is just one of many opinions here. Thank you for reading~* (My initial thoughts) The initial repel quest wasn't needed. The difficulty spike of the normal Elder Dragons versus Lunastra is a bit unreal. And not only that, but the fact we were forced to attempt to repel her in the special arena which mind you is roughly the size of her nova, AND in under 15 minutes? Disgusting. I myself am fairly seasoned with a little over 600+ hours of monster hunter and know how to dodge, evade, time my strikes even against new monsters. And I won't lie, I do not mind her super aggressive nature to the player as it reminds me of Nergigante when you initially fight him. My real issue is the damage the nova does, yes it should be powerful, but not powerful enough to potentially one shot a player at full health. Especially when you add wind effects to stagger players attempting to drink mega potions like Gatorade. If I wanted to build a specific armor set around ONE monster I would just go fight Kirin as I hate that guy with a passion. It's hilarious being essentially a kelbi as an elder dragon, but beyond that I dislike the design. even with world's improvements upon it. Also my hunting buddy who has played thousands of hours of monster hunter through out the series had issues with Lunastra. He even compared her to being almost a light G-Rank monster and THAT'S saying something! (Thoughts after a few hunts against Lunastra) Her aggressive nature is challenging but that's okay as the challenge and thrill of it is the whole point right? Learning her patterns and then smashing her down over and over until she limps off to her husbands hideout in the Elder's Recess. However, I still have a slight issue with the damage that comes off a normal Lunastra. Maybe if she was tempered or arch tempered I could at least understand it. But the fact this is the base game version of her is a tad ridiculous. BUT at least now I am more knowledgeable and experienced with her to be able to anticipate and time her nova. While I don't have an exact time frame of her nova, I know it pops off much slower seemingly than Teostra so that's something. I will also say that after getting 3 pieces of equipment to help against her helps against at least somewhat surviving her nuke. Firstly, Rocksteady is fantastic when used right. Negates knockbacks, gives earplugs, reduces damage, but most importantly negates wind effects. So throwing rocksteady on right before she pops will keep you at least standing so you can chug potions and astera jerky as other's have mentioned. The Temporal Mantle also helps with this somewhat as you can essentially adept evade away through her entire nova if you use it right. Temporal auto-evades high damage attacks which counts if you run into those blue flames she produces. Constantly running through them during her nova essentially allows for negating the entire thing when used properly. To get the Temporal Mantle however you still have to suffer through a Teo/Luna quest to get it. But makes farming Lunastra a little easier. And of course as others mention the Fireproof mantle also generally helps over all with heat damage and fire damage from the cancer she spreads everywhere. I will say I don't use heat guard and only gem in fire resist if I have extra slots available. Otherwise, speed eating can generally help as you waste less time chugging one kool-aid and more time chugging multiple kool-aids to survive. Not to mention with her aggressive nature the faster you keep it moving, the less chance she has of stunning you and essentially murdering you. (Final thoughts and equipment) Alright so I'll start with equipment and then end off on my final thoughts. The armor is okay, I do like her legs as they give Level 2 Health Boost AND slots to gem other skills in as well. Always a plus. However, farming her initially is a pain and true struggle. Her weapons I have to admit, are utter garbage aesthetically. They are essentially reskins of the*****tiest weapon designs in world (mind you I am very disappointed in their design overall as they barely vary from monster to monster and shame on you for not providing unique looks to most weapons). And on top of that, they add monster parts as their final upgrades that seem very out of place on the weapon excluding Xeno Jivva which is the only tolerable one in my opinion. However, I do like the idea of a weapon, especially an elder dragon weapon as powerful as this, having a couple variations as it adds not only variety but utility to them. Some prefer better affinity, other builds prefer raw damage, and some prefer elemental damage. I personally like the idea of having an extra skill that gives a weapon that extra boost. I do not, however, like the fact they put nergigante's set bonus as one of them. It is a garbage set bonus that heals less than just waiting to heal with Vaal Hazak's set bonus. Perhaps I am using his skill wrong but it just sucks in my personal opinion. I do like the guts (Moxie if you played previous MH games and know what I mean) skill and the razor sharp skill you can get for these weapons. I prefer razor sharp especially considering the generally good sharpness her weapons have and the weapons I love also drain sharpness very fast (Charge Blade, Switchaxe, Hammer, Longsword). All in all I don't mind most of her fight, it's just her nuke and the fact the fire she spreads has a knockback effect and can STUN you. I love her blue flames design wise and the fact they brought her back from an old monster hunter, I just wish her normal version was more balanced. Make her more of a threat later on as a tempered/arch tempered instead and I think we'll be set difficulty scaling wise. Thank you for reading guys, hope this helped with any tips, insight, or just sharing the pain that is the Nuke. Also Luna (aka: Lunastra) is too pretty of a name for her, I'm going to call her Beth from now on. Beth is a ***** :D
i disagree tbh, lunastra is not that hard once you do a few runs, her supernova has a super long animation so you have enough time to run away from wind effects, also you can recover ALL of the damage with astera jerky, aside from the supernova, her damage isnt as high either, lots of her damage will be coming from fire attack,equip fire decos and eat elemental resist food to have easy +35 fire res, with that fire damage barely does anything (also you gain blight resist at 20+)
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at least its not behemoth
OP Here: 1. Behemoth weirdly enough is easier for me my only gripe about that is it's extremely hard solo as you have to push out damage like a diarrhea water fountain. 2. Sorry for the wall of text but I felt the more details the better. 3. To the one who disagree's: - Running from wind effects? Are you far away when she is about to nova? Are you using some kind of mod that lets you be Sanic the HedgeHag so you can "Wtf so fast"? I don't know about you but I'm typically smashing her head in when she decides to nova, often being inside my camera lately so I can't barely tell if she's just flying or nuking. - Currently Luna is just a minor annoyance until I face her Arch Tempered version. That ***** is just dumb. I like a game being difficult, but I don't like artificial difficulty. (i.e. Increasing health bar and/or damage output). I want the monster to react and change it up on me so that when I think I'm safe all of a sudden the combo changes up so that it keeps me on my toes even more so than I already am. But no, all they did was increase heat damage, health pool, and presents you with an even worse smelling pile of***** than previously and expect praise and thanks. Nope, not from me. You can defend their bull*****all you want but this***** has gotta stop. I think I'll rant on another comment so this isn't a "Super Long Reply".
As an added bonus to renaming her Beth, you can just lengthen it to Bethesda as a convenient expletive
It was fun.
At that point you might as well name her Meg Griffin lol
I don't know, but I don't see so unfair the 15 minutes quest. It only took me 2 fights, one where I didn't expect to fight Lunastra and decided to tail away after two deaths, and the next try, where I was prepared to fight her and did it withouth dying once. I think that, with a bow and patience, it is a real fair fight, indeed.
i like how all of the items here are linked to teostra XD
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