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Decided to kill him... Got 4 epic items and one legendary lmao
lmao k
As much as I wanted toto help him I got more exp and awesome loot + achievement killing him...sadly I couldnt find out if he help you later in the game but I had cleared the shrikers myself so he wouldnt have showed up...maybe he does show up later in game...we'll have toto wait for official guides to see...maybe a second plauthrough
hmm i don't know if this changes things, when i gave the wand to slane i choose the second option that said, "i hope you will make a good ally" or something like that and he come to help. Previously on my first playthrough i chose the first option and he didn't show up, maybe this affect it?
Poor guy, he just wanted to stick his purging wand inside the witch's blood rose. Can we really blame him?

I still killed him for the loot though, and saved myself from a buggy quest it seems.
so... 'witty.' it's pretty easy to avoid glitching the quest.
I found the way how to get his loot and make him appear to help at fort (lol).
Give him the wand and while still he's a dragon and chatting with your speaker, attack him with another character.
You will get quest XP, then when he will revert back to non-dragon form fight will occur.
Kill him and get his loot. When you will come to the wall he will appear and kill shriekers anyway.
You ll get loot, double xp and satisfaction ;)


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It's not working anymore
That's just pure evil. I LOVE it!
sure. if cheesing games provides satisfaction. don't think it works that way for most people.
he only kills the shriekers? well that's fkin useless, i can take care of em myself. i expected him to swoop down and wreck my enemies or something.
You know when a dragon would be useful? When a giant *****ing void worm springs up from the ground trying to eat you! THAT'S WHEN!
>make out with creepy psycho thot
>gets disease
>thot still tries to kill you, dies anyway
>realize not many options for getting purge items
>kill dragon cuck
>get phat lewt, 6k xp
from the quality of your comment, it's a real surprise that you're competent enough to tie your own shoelaces, let alone play a game like Divinity.
That other commenter is a *****ing ninny.
Came here to see how to get his help against Alexander and the Void Worm. Found out he only helps with the Shriekers I already killed. So now I get *****ed out of the quest?
Just approached the shriekers, Slane took out all of them (all 5)