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See to it that the amulet you get from the toymaster is filled with source, if even one point of source is not present it will fall to the ground
------------------------SPOILER--------------------- Lucian - You can pass his judgement, Path of Blood to pass ement(Path of Blood), You need to be really pure person. requisite is below. 0. Don't say any against virtue to the statue or lie Don't do any thievery 2. Don't do any murder 3. Don't help any Voidwoken (It may count to help Black Ring. of course, Covenant does.) 4. Don't "drain" any source of people (taking source-liquid may be ok) Because you've killed a lot of people, You can't pass 2 and statue kills you. so I just hired new character, He/She can pass the judgement as he was just created a bit ago! With pure person, Statue of Lucian says "THOU ART PURE." then bless him with flying status as like You cast wing spell permanently. You can use flight every turns as It doesn't expire. Anyway, It'll be difficult to have his bless. Because the one should not kill anyone else. (I believe undeads or animals are ok to kill.) After the ending, I think I will try this challenge. Copy pasted from reddit post made by u/Targal
Yeah, the wiki is wrong saying all the answers are wrong, with a truly pure character (easiest being just hire a blank mercenary) it works.
That was the most annoying thing I have ever done.
In case anyone is wondering, the puppets eventually do stop spawning.
Thank god i download this game from torrent
Then go play Fortnite and let this game to those who like it. ;)
------------------------SPOILER--------------------- Those puppets, yeah they will not stop respawn unless; A. you took their source. B. push all the correct lever.
It is because of fights like these, that people never bother finishing the game. This isn't fun. It's so much time wasted being annoyed as*****.
That was a *****ing joke I found using staff of Magus to drop the magic armour then source vampirism the best way. Still took me over 2 hours ...
The dev. that came up with the doll encounter should be fired. From a cannon. Towards a brick wall. Made of rusty nails, sewage and toxic waste. Multiple times.
easy :)