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is the name Emeral Herald somehow lore-confirmed? or did people just make it up?
After you first talk to her there's a text on the screen saying "You can level up by the power of Emerald Herald"
everytime you talk to her it says Emerald Herald on the box with the options
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Shanalotte and Ocelotte. Very similar names. Could it be a simple coincidence? Or could it be something more?
Oceiros researched about dragon children and maybe came across the name Shanalotte and wanted to continue the trend by making Ocelotte.
*****...I wore the Moon Butterfly set standing beside her and now she’s dead. That’s pretty much the end of my game I guess.
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"The end-game credits tells that there is a voice actress for Young (Child) and Old (Not mentioned, it was blank.) Shanalotte. Could she be the Firekeeper from the CG intro? She tells us that it's her own manifestation who bring us in Drangleic." Something else that supports this theory is that, in the opening cinematic, the firekeeper says "Without really knowing why". Emerald Herald says the exact same phrase to you in Undead Crypt after picking up the King's Ring.
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So i think i stumbled upon a major glitch or mechanic in the game. One day emerald harald disappeated. Never touched the chick and had no tombstone. Then the cat disappeared too. So i went along in my gameplay for sometime with no resolve. At some point i realized. What is this crushed eye orb thing? I looked it up and realized that i got it in the undead crypt. And thats around the time they disappeared. So i went and invaded licia with the crushed eye. Beat her. And when i came back they were both back. I also had aquired a sin before i had even envaded licia and wondered how that happened. Sense i play offline only and never killed or toched any npc. Maybe as soon as you get the eye. It counts as sin? I cleared my sin and it cost nothing. I guess ur 1st one is free? I did this before i invaded licia. And after i beat her i went to pardon my sin and there was no sin to pardon. Im thinking this is a glitch or a very strange game mechanic. Does emerald harald and the cat disappear if u are a sinner? Either way. If you have a missing herald. Maybe try this? I am playing on ps4. SOTFS edition. With the latest update.
Also the petrified statue right before the undead crypt / after the shrine of mana bossfight. Would not take my branch. Did it like 3 times. After i invaded and beat licia. It worked. I tried it right before and after.