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What are the conditions?
Every time you take 180 Damage or Every 5 Minutes you are fightinh a large monster. The Buff lasts 2 minutes.
5mins is pretty long, the most quests just need 7-10mins, so it doesn't seem it worth. And taking 180dmg... thats for me my full life (buffed + extra slots of HP). That Skill should get a rework to ~100HP down and 3mins in fight.
The point is to use it for longer lasting fights or monsters you're having a harder time with. I'm assuming that as soon as you've taken an accumulative 180 hp of damage that it activates, not 180 damage in 1 hit, so if you just keep yourself alive by healing then there you go.
Can this trigger multiple times? If so, is there a cooldown and can it stack?
Yes it can.
Level 2: 20% increased affinity and reduced stamina depletion is actually 10% at level 2 then increases at level 3.
That is what you can read at the top.
What a bad skill. There is no monster in MHW that survives 5 minutes.
Even if you’re right it also proves when you take 180 damage. You don’t need to meet both requirements. It’s a pretty useful skill, especially for the bow.
What, maybe I was just bad but most monsters can tank for more than 5 minutes. Also this is a buff that is only available late game so almost every monster survives much longer than 5 minutes
It's not a useful skill for the bow or any weapon in general. You don't want to take that much damage in any case and even if it activates after 5 minutes it only lasts for 90 seconds. Spending decoration slots for this or using an armor piece for this skill is just a waste of space since there are always better skills to use. I don't know what kind of bow build you have in mind but latent power should not be a part in it. Melee users sometimes get chip damage and heal that with health augments but as a ranged user you shouldn't be hit at all. That's why you are ranged, to stay out of the monsters range and have a constant damage output.
Does the DMG from blocking trigger this? Or do we have to facetank this 180 dmg?
Chip Counts
I still don"t see much usefulness of Latent Power. Yes its sound not bad to have affinity & stamina buff, and 30%-50% is a lot. Only one sutuation that I could see Latent power make use for the build is to taking a very high raw damage weapon which usually came with negative affinity up to -30%, this give you an option to add more attack skill to your build rather than spend most of decoration slot to cover up the negative affinity
Teostra Technique is one major point. You don't loose sharpness on a crit with that, so with the full Teo Y set, once Latent Power is active, you have a whopping 95% chance to crit on weak points (80% otherwise. AKA: 80-95% chance to not loose sharpness, and thats with a base 0 affinity weapon). Also, the reduced stam depletion is great for if you just got hit by a strong attack (which activated the ability) and need to sprint or dodge away from more. Means you can dodge a lot more than you normally could, or, in the case of having a blocking weapon, block a lot more.


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Most meta builds use peak performance or agitator for obvious reasons - they are made for speedruns that assume you will never take damage and will finish asap. So bother of these activation conditions are pretty bad for that. But for the average player, on DB or Bow, doing an AT Elder in 30-40 minutes and going through 20+ pots, I recon this is a pretty good skill to have.
180 dmg in 1 hit? or i need take this damage in less 5 minutes?