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What are the conditions?
Every time you take 180 Damage or Every 5 Minutes you are fightinh a large monster. The Buff lasts 2 minutes.
5mins is pretty long, the most quests just need 7-10mins, so it doesn't seem it worth. And taking 180dmg... thats for me my full life (buffed + extra slots of HP). That Skill should get a rework to ~100HP down and 3mins in fight.
The point is to use it for longer lasting fights or monsters you're having a harder time with. I'm assuming that as soon as you've taken an accumulative 180 hp of damage that it activates, not 180 damage in 1 hit, so if you just keep yourself alive by healing then there you go.
Can this trigger multiple times? If so, is there a cooldown and can it stack?
Yes it can.
Level 2: 20% increased affinity and reduced stamina depletion is actually 10% at level 2 then increases at level 3.
That is what you can read at the top.
What a bad skill. There is no monster in MHW that survives 5 minutes.
Even if you’re right it also proves when you take 180 damage. You don’t need to meet both requirements. It’s a pretty useful skill, especially for the bow.
What, maybe I was just bad but most monsters can tank for more than 5 minutes. Also this is a buff that is only available late game so almost every monster survives much longer than 5 minutes
It's not a useful skill for the bow or any weapon in general. You don't want to take that much damage in any case and even if it activates after 5 minutes it only lasts for 90 seconds. Spending decoration slots for this or using an armor piece for this skill is just a waste of space since there are always better skills to use. I don't know what kind of bow build you have in mind but latent power should not be a part in it. Melee users sometimes get chip damage and heal that with health augments but as a ranged user you shouldn't be hit at all. That's why you are ranged, to stay out of the monsters range and have a constant damage output.
Does the DMG from blocking trigger this? Or do we have to facetank this 180 dmg?