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Its more common to see it spawn in low rank Rotten Vale
agree with anonymous source?
HES ACTUALI RIGHT i went to hr rotten vale like lyteraly 25 times my sanity was sliping away and then i saw this coment went to low rank and IT WAS THERE first fcking try and QUESS what when i ended the expediction the RP was 666 coincidence ? i think not SORCERRY i say
Can also confirm finding it first time in rotten vale low rank, after spending an hour in elder recess


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I assumed it was just chance, but after trying for half an hour on Elders Recess, I've went to try my luck with this strat, and I'll be dammed but it was there first try in low rank rotten vale.
If you don't want to take the time to catch all the fish, you can also just scare them away with your capture net
On a positive note in Elder Recess (sect 8), you always find a Gastronome Tuna 150RP in the upper right portion of the pond and sometimes a Giant Goldenfish 150RP in the left area near where the Petricanth would rarely appear.
How many times can you catch it
There is no limit.
I catch all fish with the net. Even tuna.
I found mine in the area 8 camp of the Elder's Recess. Ran between the Rotten Vale of area 15 and area 8 of Elders back and forth a few times and found it. I only looked in High rank, not sure about Low rank yet.
The reward for how much time I spent on this is actual garbage.
i used the capture net and caught it in the rotten vale low rank. very easy
Is this a coelacanth variant