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Its more common to see it spawn in low rank Rotten Vale
agree with anonymous source?
HES ACTUALI RIGHT i went to hr rotten vale like lyteraly 25 times my sanity was sliping away and then i saw this coment went to low rank and IT WAS THERE first fcking try and QUESS what when i ended the expediction the RP was 666 coincidence ? i think not SORCERRY i say
If you don't want to take the time to catch all the fish, you can also just scare them away with your capture net
On a positive note in Elder Recess (sect 8), you always find a Gastronome Tuna 150RP in the upper right portion of the pond and sometimes a Giant Goldenfish 150RP in the left area near where the Petricanth would rarely appear.
How many times can you catch it
There is no limit.
I catch all fish with the net. Even tuna.
I found mine in the area 8 camp of the Elder's Recess. Ran between the Rotten Vale of area 15 and area 8 of Elders back and forth a few times and found it. I only looked in High rank, not sure about Low rank yet.