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To be fair, the most beautiful and easiest elder dragon in the game after Negigante. Time consuming though due to this bih cant stop moving around lol... Easily God of Elder Dragon
Gain carpace by using the Plunderblade which can be accuired by helping the Plunderers in the Rotten Vale near Vaal Hazak's cave.
Pretty but boring af to fight after the first fight
Health pool has to be wrong because i got a card at the end of hunting xeno that said i dealt 23151 how cuz the random i was with did not know at all how to even charge his phails with the charge
multiplayer gets a health increase (2.2x or 2.6x cant remember of the top of my head)
pretty much Midir from DS3 but considerably easier and way more boring
I don't know, I never struggled against Midir at all, his reputation is weird...



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Midir, in my opinion, is VERY predictable, the reason Midir is hard for most people because they roll spam and Midir can easily punish a player who rolls spam (that's including me sometimes), it's basically The Orphan Syndrome ─ where some people struggle with him, and some people don't.
agreed, this guy is too *****ing easy
I was hunter rank 15 when I first solo’ed it and I was using the nergal reaver 1 lol with a attack gem in it
no ones cares :)
There’s also the fact that it’s impossible to be higher than HR 15 until after you’ve completed its quest....lol
wow u so big brain
Easiest monster still wondering why some player plays it multiplayer
Thats like.. your opinion man
Technically you can mount the zoran magdros. You are getting on it's back and attacking it. It just doesn't have that animations like other monsters such as anjanath or diablos
Not that hard... but extremely annoying dmg sponge with broken hitboxes. Worst fight of the game for sure
The story one is so much easier to fight than the event and optional quest ones wtf