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thanks ! Will give this a try
What kind of armor should you use if you don't have access to pre-order items? Just use anything that's available?



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You should use whatever you can find then, I recommend light and medium armor. The Legendary Strategist can be found early on https://nioh.wiki.fextralife.com/Legendary+Strategist but you will have to equip the other sword to complete the bonuses.
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What stats to level up?
It says in the guide given "Heart, Spirit, and magic" Which isn't....really the best idea to focus ONLY on those in my opinion.
Hey there, great build. 2 questions 1) what would you recommend as secondary weapon and 2) When can I bring in elemental talismans? Because they are what I'm most interested in.
Not that great of a guide, especially for those who don't have acess to the Pre order bonuses. This has potential but right now lacks any guidence, talk about weapon choices and skills too. I know you have heart (Implying single sword) in there and the melee weapon being "Rikari" which is a single sword. That's great and all but you have to think about players who JUST picked up Nioh and even as souls/bourne fans Nioh plays much differently in terms of builds and weapons. Unlike others where they all have movesets and spcify weapons since a broadsword and a longsword are TOTALLY different move sets Ni-Oh's stance system and loot system make's it it's own game. Plus skills. Again, this needs a lot of work but has wonderful potential.
I'll defend fex's honor here. This is LITERALLY THE INTENDED STARTING BUILD. If you don't have the preorder armor, kill people's shades in the first zone, you can literally farm an entire set of the desired set within a few hours of starting the game...