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He can be fought at any level. He can be rematched at level 10 then level 40
Any level yes... butTrial level 10, 40**
Kuretz is easily beaten if you focus Charge and Break combos, maintain your stamina and strafe to lure Kuretz away from his horde of minions. Don't give him any room to breathe, keep close to him and just keep swinging. If you are using a faster build then it benefits you more to keep him between you and his horde, then bait them into hitting him from behind for free damage.
This boss is quite challenging, but not very. If you are a Windfall like me, this is a good time to see how well you can avoid attacks.
Does anyone know what all his armor is?
Agreed, this boss is perfect for perfecting the avoid ability. If you've struggled up till now, then this will be your wake-up call.
So, if this guy fancies himself a king, then I guess you can say we....dethroned him? *YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*
Apparently you can obtain the one inch punch from him, yet he does not perform it...
Do know that the fur he wears on his shoulders can also be obtained.