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The old whip does absurd damage to him, i have t power stanced but it only took like 6 hits to beat


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Really? So he counts as a Undead? That's interesting. I wonder if the miracle "Soul Appease" (which does massive damage to only Undead creatures) would work on him. It should if he's actually undead. Even though he's a reincarnation of Nito I figured he was simply an abomination made of all those corpses thrown down into The Gutter (like Patchwork type creatures you see in other Dark Fantasy type games).
Just did this boss, finished with a final spear hit whilst he hit me, when I respawned the fog wall was still there but when I went through he wasn't. Got his soul in my inventory but didn't get the soul reward. Sad


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The boss is very, very slow. Slow enough that, if you do get hit, which shouldnt be often, sprinting across the room and chugging Estus works well.
Everyone saying the boss is slow and easy to dodge with rolling but with 16% encumberment my rolls don't dodge any attacks. He continues to turn locked on to me even on the down swing. And the NPC that was supposed to be able to help me isn't there. This is the hardest boss fight I've been in in all of dark souls 1 and so far in dark souls 2
This is probably due to a low ADP / Agility. The number of frames in a roll is linked to a stat in dark souls 2, namely, ADP. (ATT also, but to a much lower extent.) You start with about 8 frames, which is significantly lower than Dark Souls 1 and 3's 12 frames. As a result, it can feel as if you're getting hit by things you should be dodging to veterans of Dark Souls 1 or 3. If you want 12 frames, simply raise your ADP to 25. I hope this helps you and anyone else with this issue out, and good luck!
You don't need to i-frame his attacks, most of them are widely telegraphed, so much that you can dodge out of range well before they impact. Course, that will only leave you a hit in most of the time, but his patterns don't change so it's easy to whittle him down by just baiting his attacks.
would have been neat of he could rip his corpses off to aim him in battle
I bait-rolled him and spammed the everloving Sun out of him with 16 fireballs and 4 Lingering Flames. While each one did little against him (and that's with a +5 flame, penal cuffs and 30+ Fth, base Int) it added up enough for me to finish him off with a couple sword swings. Easy boss for casters. Could probably have done more damage with 6 lightning spears instead of the fireballs, but oh well.
Instead of the lingering flames*.