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No wonder I couldn't capture that *****ing horse. Goddamn elder dragon.
damn elder dragon gave me ligma
That’s nothing! I got bofa from Vaal hazak.
Whats bofa?
They should make MHW into a movie much like a saga like Star Wars
They're already doing that, but it's going to be terrible. The dude who did the Resident Evil movies is doing the Monster Hunter movie. It's script was leaked a while ago, basically, it's a dude from our world transported to the MH world and learns he is part of a prophecy. Monsters invade our world and he has to stop them. Honestly, I could come up with a better script in my sleep. That's why I think we should all NOT go see that movie.
i w8 for more Elder dragons and monsters <3
More elder Dragons
why isnt behemoth here
where is behemoth kun?
He unlocks after a certain point in the story, someone in astera will have a blue quest marker on their head
Complete the story then, you’ll get a “from another world quest” once you finish that you’ll unlock the behemoth quest
Idk why but for some reason I can’t find ANY Elder dragons! I have just beaten the game and even after I fought nergigante I still couldn’t find him! My friend however, has seen multiple elder dragons on his little monster map that tells you what monsters are there. Do I have a buggy game or is it just luck?
you only get them by researching there tracks in the wild spire waste, Ancient forest and rotten vale
You have to find emough of their tracks and then you'll be given the quest from Ecological Research. Try going on expeditions or any quests in any of the locales! :) Happy hunting!
Zorah and Nergigante are elder dragons. So you have seen elder dragons.
I know i'm late with this, but you have to select optional/event/investigation quests specifically for the elders. You'll never find an elder dragon on a regular expedition.
hey guys any tips for fighting rathalos and diablos after finding first wyverian? lol odogaron was so easy
Flash pods bring them out of the air, screamers will bring diablos out of his burrow attack. Cut off tails if possible.
for diablos, just try mastering dodging. if hit I'd recommending if you hit half. always come prepared with potions, dodge, and you can win most fights.
For Rathalos just get good, it's not a hard fight, it just requires an iota of competency and common sense.
Lies. Odagaron was so hard. Had to get carried.
with diablos bring screamer pods, whenever it burrows underground, shoot a screamer pod at the floor and itll force it back up in a stunned state much like when you flash a flying monster
Capcom, is there any elder dragons that WILL appear in Iceborne? or if someone's know about this please tell me immediately
I'd say eruzerion he is ice/fire though, plus a elder dragon. Kinda wish they add him already.
Oroshi Kirin and Alatreon were in the leaked list of monsters for MHW before it came out. Deviljho, Xeno'Jiiva and Bazelgeuse were on that list, and we know that Deviljho was coming later, so it is possible that Oroshi Kirin and Alatreon are planned for Iceborne. I would say that Alatreon might just be the final boss of Iceborne. Though, Fatalis recently got a MHW styled picture of him done, so maybe he might be in it. I would love that, since I never got to beat him in any of the other games.
well we're getting a new boi named Velkhana