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Hey guys, I have an amazing tip for this beast. You ready? Okay, here goes... you see what you want to do, is just not hunt him at all because of how much of a little sh!t head he is. And that's how you beat Kirin.
I kid you not... had someone join me for a Kirin fight.... he tried using a shock trap.... they do exist...
sounds like me
I tried capturing nerg for more reward, and i use capture net on the handler
idk what all of you are bragging about,just killed 2 kirins in that event,with my humble aerial insect glaive I and high metal armor,used potions and max potions thats all lmfao.
But the two Kirin Event mission contains low rank Kirins
For anyone having trouble with him, try anjanath bow and after the first time thunderproof mantle and down the road evade extender and dash juice



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My first tempered kirin fight was pretty easy as bows make him look like a great jagras in the right hand. But the fight took way too long as his head's hitbox was far too small.
strange... i got mini crown at 477.27, and gold crown at 664.96...
It's not strange, it's called "LIE".
Difficult fight with nearly worthless armor (only good trait is the thunder attack, which doesn't help against him) Yeah, think I'm going to shelf this game and wait for more content. Literally all of the high rank armor sucks for just about everything and it's difficult to obtain. Still wearing Vaal Hazak for the regen, if the reqard equipment is trash what's the point in even continuing playing?
Git gud son, why wear vaal, it is stupid, just get high thunder res, and some skill according to your weapon
Yea seriously If you're good, observant, and prepare properly you can make just about any set up work. If you're going to use phrases like "literally all of the high rank armor sucks" you're honestly just not playing the game correctly.
“Kirin Armor is worthless” What is paralysis attack my boy.