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You should put a recommendation on what weapon to use... I recommend the hammer, it kicks this things ***, especially on the arms.
Heard of Keegan the barroth?
Volcanoros has a barroth like head, wings and body of diablos and zorah’s volcanic texture
Volca’s lifestyle is like a barroth but he bathes in lava not mud The diablos body and wings help him bury underground away from hunters or going to his lair to recover with the aid of his barroth like head
life of a barroth
big dumb train


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I'm currently farming this guy's ugly armor to whoop kirin's ***
It might not be the prettiest armour, but damn does it get the job done
I remember I flipped my***** out when I saw him in main mission. Definitely the most memorable monster to me. The real MHW starts with this guy
There's a problem with the images. The Barroth icon link links to the "Spotting a Baroth" image.