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It’s Always Sunny at FromSoftware, S2E1, The Gang Ruins Online Features
Don't actually have xbox live for 360 rn...wondering if it's worth so I can play online.
Almost nobody plays anymore
I recommend PC and not*****ty console. On PC you can use SweetFX to get the lighting to the same as E3 before the downgrade so things look 50x better + active community.
On pc you will be able to do pvp and coop frequently, but xbox probably not.
I like the SM mechanic tbh. It prevented the DS1 issue of new players walking into Undead Burg only to have a much more experienced player invade them at SL 4-8 and assblast them with fully upgraded endgame gear.



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i'm on my first ever run of DS2 and i'm almost at soul memory tier 31 and i'm level 136 (i'm not good, i grind). the tables seem to suggest that soul memory doesn't reset on NG+. on NG+1 in order to open the shrine of winter, you need a soul memory of 2m. what if i reach 2m before going to NG+1? do i need to collect 2m more souls, or is it static?
It resets, and it doesn't go for 2 mil SM, it goes for 2 mil souls collected that playthrough. But at that point you might as well just kill the bosses. Much faster.
At what tier do most players cap? Or more specifically, at what tier are you able to fin the most people, both on coop and PvP?


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Best tier for bridge on PC?



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Tested today, lv 176, dragon covenant, but unfortunately I don't remember soul memory (I put near everything in lvls) Had to wait 10 seconds to invade