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I wonder if Aldia Keep is where all the creatures come from, it looks like some sort of monster making operations here!! Are those guys working in the lab the makers of the mimics?
From the mastodon greatsword : "terrible experiment were said to have taken place in a hidden manor in Drangleic. The mastermind presiding over the deeds was known as Lord Aldia" Surely he was experimenting on pretty much all monsters (and humans) he could find, it could explain the giant gas lizard we can find up the great hall's stairs.
Surprise surprise, another part of the walkthrough thats incredibly wrong.
Nothing here seems to mention the stupidly overpowered invaders that appear on SotFS when you light the sconces. Actually, there's hardly any mention of them anywhere...
It says forlorn invades every time you light one.
"Twinkling Twilight" lol
In SotFS, every time you light a sconce, a red spirit will appear (similar to Forlorn). If you don't kill all of them, the game won't trigger the dragon skeleton attack.
btw, this area sucks big time. it's like they no longer cared at this point in development, just a bunch of old enemies thrown together in a generic castle.
Well, from my own interpretation Aldia just locked all this***** up for his sick sinful experiments, part of which made him what he is
I actually think this is one of the more interesting parts of the game, a place of science in the middle of a *****ed up dark fantasy world. And as for "enemies thrown together", Drangleic castle takes the cake on that one.
"Shrek 3"
Note that you can avoid fighting Navlaan if you get into the mist before he hits you.
Link to undead keep is 404'ing. "you acquired in the Undead Keep" At the very start, thanks for the wiki, it's been a huge help in my play through of the dark souls series....can't thank you thankless people enough.


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Instead of "Undead Keep" it should be "Undead Crypt", I can't edit the page though because the editor is hiding the actual content inside of some HTML divs, and the editor doesn't have an HTML editing mode -.-
I haben't had any fun with this game since I killed the Looking Glass Knight.
u rite
the game bosses in main game is very lackluster. you probably can kill all in one go if you keep shield up and play methodically. needs to go to dlc for some challenging boss fight.