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BrotherHood of Blood? More like Brotherhood of *******.

Im always paired with SL500 Metamancers with*****ty internet on my SL150 characters.Its almost impossible to get a 60% winrate.

I need something to work with here, not a goddamn Havel assface shooting hexes, dealing 1/6 of my health with a straightsword, and running and healing when I get close to winning.
I think the safest option would be to just increase the level of your characters.
You should be able to punish healing everytime. Just backstab those bastards when they run.
For f@ck sake! Everyone in this*****ty arena runs away and cast some random healing bul*****after every 2 hits!! And this IF the ***** is not a fcking hacker with insane hp!
Could be latency?
Ds2 pvp Lance's appears and straghit sword hitboxes are broken I'll be on the lava bridge in iron keep and the other guy can hit me when he's looking away and when the weapon is 3times farther away than when it's an actual hit come on you need to at least fix hitboxes in pvp
Is the arena still active? I only ever spent a day or two dedicated to pvp in this game and I really enjoyed it, dueling at the iron keep bridge about a year ago to get the dragon armor was one of my favourite times in souls and I feel like going back to this game to make a new build and pvp with it
The arena is still active.
Red arena yes. Blue arena no. I use blue arena to trade items and gear with friends and alts almost

t daily. I've never seen a person in it aside from the person im trading with.
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Blue arena is hellllllllllllllllaaaaaaaa dead
you can also use common fruit in the arena
best item in-game just ask Otz's no hit run vid lmao
Common fruit in the arena? 2OP4Me from pls nerf
Jesus if anyone has trouble with max lvl *** just block them till the point that they'll no longer have any1 to fight against
How ironic that all of the higher ranked people I come across lag around the arena and face stab constantly, oh how ironic indeed
It pains me how true this is
Hi where i can invader iron keep red phantom?
so how much rank points does a victory give then?
Damn, ever since the release of DS Remastered, I can't get anyone to show up in the arena, or even for coop.
Even on the rare chance that I do find a summon sign, the mf'ers just either jump off the nearest cliff or black stone out. Don't drop your sign if you're gonna just leave immediately...
Wtf? Check ur SM mate or the time u play the game dude
I Ds2 all the time and I’m a sunbro so I find it hard to get summoned
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