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First post, bad english.... i'll do my best. Straight to the point: I think that the slots system for weapons, shields, staves, etc. is unrealistic by far. Of course, it's a game, in a world of fantasy, magic exists, yayy... but I still think that the slots system could be more realistic and immersive. If you always have the chance to fully use the 4/6 slots for weapons regardless of the weapons size it seems unrealistic to me... and i think that you look more like a burden-mule than a warrior/adventurer.

So, for example, in Dark Souls 2 and 3 you can put three different greatswords in the right hand and three different greatshields in the left hand, what seems very unlikely. Well, and the animation of weapon change is beyond physics possibilities. And that isn't the unique 'problem' (ah drama). I think that a more realistic slots usage can define better your class/build. For example, a master sorcerer with a great staff couldn't use a greatshield or greatbow because of size problems (where do I put all this ****!). And in addition, it doesn't fit with that build. He/she could use daggers or other small weapons, or even a sword/axe/mace if is an hybrid class, but never a greatsword. A dagger assasin will never use a greatshield or greatbow, but could need a variety of small weapons. And so on, and so on.

Soo, I think that a better system could be based on body parts locations. As we can see in the game, the character draw back weapons in the back, in the waist, and in the lower back that is used for ammunition. Also weaponry can be classified based on size. Then, I did outline a system that allows you to see wich weapons/shields you can carry in differents combinations.


BIG WEAPONS (bg): greatswords, ultra greatswords, curved greatswords, great axes, great hammers, halberds, lances, reapers, twinblades, senior staves*, greatbows, long bows**, greatshields.

MEDIUM WEAPONS (mw): straight swords, curved swords, katanas, piercing swords, axes, hammers, spears***, short bows**, crossbows, small staves*, standard shields.

SMALL WEAPONS (sw): daggers, chimes, fists & claws, whips, small shields.

PYROMANCY FLAME: as it's just a flame that you hold or invocate in your hand, and it isn't a real object, you can carry freely if you have a free slot.

*: I labeled by "senior staves" those that are carried in the back, such as the Staff of Wisdom and the Sunset Staff. "Small staves" are those that can be carried on the waist, such as the Sorcerer staff and the Black Witch's Staff.
**: "Long bows" are those that surpass character's head, such as the Long bow and the Hunter's blackbow (but not the Short bow and the Sea bow, for example)
***: Spears seems to be a singular issue. They are in the back, they surpass character's head, but they are light and they can be perfectly used with shields. But I still think that you can put only one big weapon or two medium/small in the back. So, spears cannot be combined with any big weapon or greatshield, but can be combined with, for example, short bow or standard shield.

BACK*: 1bw / 2mw / 2sw / 1sw and 1mw --> But only 2 weapons, or weapon/shield, or weapon/bow (and only one bow or one shield)
RIGHT WAIST: 1mw** / 1sw
LEFT WAIST: 1mw** / 1sw
LOWER BACK: 2 ammo/ 2sw / 1 ammo and 1sw

bw: big weapon
mw: medium weapon
sw: small weapon
*: in the game, all "big weapons" (of my classification), bows, crossbows and axes go in the back. I think that technically the back can be occupied by those set of weapons combinations. You can use only one bow or shield, because if you have a bow, you don't have space for a shield, and vice versa. That fits in terms of weapon specialization of classes/builds: you have defense or ranged offense. For the same reason, you can't combine a senior staff with a bow (and you already have ranged offense).
**: any medium weapons except standard shields, bows, crossbows or axes, 'cause all of them go in the back.

So, in the back you can only have a big weapon, or two medium/small weapons, and it's the only location that you can use for carry shield, bow and crossbow. So then, you couldn't combine any big weapon with greatshields, standard shields, bows or crossbows. Small shields, such as the buckler (and it could be the unique excepcion) can be used in the forearm instead of the waist.

Noow, if we combine every single possibility, we can discover what weapons we could carry based on size and space, helping us to pullish our character class/build/path.

BACK + WAIST + LOWER BACK (number of weapons slots that you actually use of inventory menu)
A) 1bw + 2mw + 2ammo (3)
B) 1bw + 2mw + 1ammo + 1sw (4)
C) 1bw + 2mw + 2sw (5)
D) 1bw + 1mw + 1sw + 2ammo (3)
E) 1bw + 1mw + 2sw + 1ammo (4)
F) 1bw + 1mw + 3sw (5)
G) 1bw + 3sw + 1ammo (4)
H) 1bw + 2sw + 2ammo (3)
G) 1bw + 2sw + 2sw (5)
I) 2mw + 2mw + 2ammo (4)
J) 2mw + 2mw + 1sw + 1ammo (5)
K) 2mw + 2mw + 2sw (6)
L) 2mw + 1mw + 1sw + 2ammo (4)
M) 2mw + 1mw + 2sw + 1ammo (5)
N) 2mw + 1mw + 3sw (6)
Ñ) 2mw + 2sw + 2ammo (4)
O) 2mw + 2sw + 1sw + 1ammo (5)
P) 2mw + 2sw + 2sw (6)
Q) 1mw + 1sw + 2sw + 2ammo (4)
R) 1mw + 1sw + 2sw + 1sw + 1ammo (5)
S) 1mw + 1sw + 2sw + 2sw (6)
T) 2sw + 2sw + 2sw (6)*
*You cannot combine all small weapons with ammunition, 'cause all bows and crossbows are at least medium weapons.

A table could be more usefull, hell yeah.

The first problem I find with this system is that you couldn't combine any big weapon with shields. If you want to use any shield, you have to use a medium weapon. I don't know yet if that is fair enought and balanced. But I also think it has logic. Big weapons are suposed to be used with 2 hands, and they have massive attacks in terms of damage and/or range, so they wouldn't combine well with shields, wich are for more deffensive builds.

EXAMPLE: Sorcerer with Staff of Wisdom. Big weapon, A-G possibilities. I can use, for example, Blue flame and a Shortbow with 2 ammunition. Or a Uchigatana, a dagger and a chime. Pyromancy flame is free to put or not. But I can't use shields. If I want a shield to have better deffense, I have to sacrifice a little bit of damage, and use a smaller and less powerfull staff (like the Whitchtree branch).

Well, I hope someone else also thought about this **** :P



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You would make PvP in the game way too easy for people like me who use one weapon per slot per character.
I don’t switch around to counter my enemy (NPC or PC). I pick a weapon and I use that weapon exclusively. I don’t use shields. So my left hand is either a caster tool, a ranged weapon, or empty.
I have never, across 50+ characters, ever put a second weapon in my right hand slot unless it was a ranged weapon or caster tool (playtesting aside).

I would rather get better with my chosen build in any given situation than turn my avatar into a walking cheesball, which is how I view players who constantly switch around their setup after every hit I land on them.
I don’t even consider these people real players if I’m being honest.
Strafe, strafe, roll, swing, miss, strafe, switch, switch, miss, strafe, roll, roll , roll, get hit!, switch, switch, switch, switch, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, swing, miss, switch.......
That isn’t reactive combat. It’s **** stupid.



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put on your armor and carry a big sword.