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Can I farm proof of concord kept using Blue Sentinels covenant in lower level online? I haven't tried it but i guess it'll work...
Not very reliable, im always in this covenant but I barely get summoned. But you know, it takes away some silver knight farming, so why not.
I wonder if, between the Blue Sentinels and the Blades of the Darkmoon, one was intended to function as they do now (i.e. similarly to the Blue Sentinels in DS2, summoned automatically), and one was intended to function similarly to the Blades in DS1, with a Blue Eye Orb to invade the indicted/sinners, and Fromsoft just wound up running out of time like they did with the nixed Dragon covenant in DS3 (i.e. the reason NK's soul has 3 rewards - at least 1 was almost certainly intended for covenant rewards for the dragon covenant) and merged them. Perhaps they didn't view reimplementing indictments as a priority? Idk.
Indictments, PvP sin, and varied covenant mechanics are things I really miss from DS1. If DS1s PvP backstab/spell hit detection wasn't so janky and half assed I wouldn't have any reason to play DS3
NK has a cut 3rd soul transposition so that means a dragon covenant was supposed to be a thing? That's false logic. Would you transpose a covenant from his soul? The trend is that you get weapons/shields/magic from boss souls. Though, i DO agree that a dragon covenant might have been cut, just for different reasons. There are multiple mentionings of a dragon cult and an area dedicated to them with their worship gesture being the key to said area. The DS games have had a dragon covenant in both DS and DS2 with the rewards being the dragon body set, said body set is obtainable in DS3 from a character quest centered around dragon worship and the dragon area. There could've been a covenant there to get the items, the battles with the Ancient Wyvern and Hawkwood serving as the method through which you get the items necessary to offer to the covenant for the body pieces, but instead Hawkwood and the boss were given the rewards to drop. Or the game could be exactly how they wanted it in this regard, i just find it hard to believe that they weren't planning to implement a dragon covenant in their 3rd installment when dragon lore is still so heavy in this game, even having a place in Lothric lore with the knights having tamed wyverns and the Lightning Stoneplate Ring's item description, even though they had put the covenant in the last two.
Gonna be honest, I didn't read this, but that guy was simply saying that maybe the dragon covenant reward got lumped into the NK's rewards and the covenant as a whole was simplified to just one duel and 4stones



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WoRkInG aS iNtEnDeD
Quite the shame how all reds assume I’m a banking blue I was obviously just bringing him to a area where the host is too much of a pansy of going so we can properly duel but of course just ***** the blue sentinel’s/Darkmoon
And yes i am salty about this loss I’m talking about call me a scrub and to git gud all you want I simply play this for fun and want others to have fun also
I really dont understand why people hate this covenant. You like PvP? Theres a hole covenant just for that. Go there and have a fair match against them. But no, they actually want to fight a random newbie trying to finish the game, and get mad because someone comes to help the new player.
Hi! As a WACKY fun fact: There are other ways to do PVP than to just invade others, for instance there are multiple spots you can put a summon sign down for pvp and some covenants, they even have arenas and stuff like that If you are invading someone, especially if they have a friend, you are more than likely just messing up their PvE/Co-Op experience and you aren't entitled to anything whatsoever when you invade, You are in THEIR world and are most likely just disrupting everything.
Isn't that the point? Invade to stop others from progressing.
Lol jeez a bit salty? This is the way the game is intended to be played and if I invade you and your friend I'm going to straight up kill you in cold blood because that's what I want to do so you just gotta deal with it or stop playing.
get constant disconnects lately after beeing summoned for ~1min and I doubt it is cause of the host. Coop works fine. Only happens as a blue. And always shortly before the invader looses...