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Not sure if tempered monsters count, but I've fought regular Rathalos here as well. Might want to add it to the list.
This is my favorite map
Anyone know where the azure rathalos spawns?
In elder recess. After you find the pink rathian, I believe thats when you unlock it.
I run into him most often in the room Dodogama camps so if you're still having issues this far after posting, try starting there. Alternatively I see him coming down from the roost where Bazelgeuse sleeps as well, so maybe he uses it as a nest too?
In elders recess? You don't think he doesn't already know that?!?
What HR are you when you get here?
I'm HR 12, just entered
What would be the best armor to wear when going into the Elder's recess?
high rank armor :/
Brah, just farm some bones in ER. It takes about 3 runs to get a bone (for me)