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can this rapier parry in left hand or only the regular rapier??
This one don't parry, sorry mate
Frost effect buffed to 55 in patch 1.1
since frost build-up got buffed this weapon is now one of the best secondary weapons in my opinion
This weapon got me through Dragonslayer Armour, Twin Princes, Soul of Cinder, and Gael. I wouldn't have even had a chance without it.
Isn't this located after Dragonslayer Armour...
Right before actually
no it isn't
Not even a little chance? Sounds like you need more practice!
Definitely not bad as a riposte weapon for a frostbite build.
On my build specifically, I have 50 str and 40 dex so that I can use all the frostbite weapons effectively, and by using Vordt's Greathammer to break shields and a Llewellyn shield to parry, I can rack up damage up to around 1000-1100 damage with a hornet ring, frostbite riposte. Not only that, it's a decent secondary weapon to compliment Vordt's Greathammer.


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You usually do not combo quality/dex build weapons with str weapons. Your build will suffer too much. Use heavy infused weapon instead. The hammer is more than enough to proc frost.


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Well perhaps they're using it for the theme, I know I'm working on a fire/ice knight build off and on a knight using both fire weapons/pyros and ice/frostbite weapons I for one hope we see more from the ice weapons theme from these guys in the future... either another soulsborne game or something else...



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Clarified frostbite information. Corrected softcaps and scaling information.
I love this thing, it really completes my Outrider Knight cosplay. I like to dress up and go in search of honourable duels. En garde!
The armor is probably my favriote of the series
Theis rapier is one of my fav weapons for both PvE and PvP. Fast, unpredictable movements + quick, damaging strikes with decent reach, and it has a block breaking attack that will often do 500 - 600 damage through shields. This can open up the enemy for a deadly counter. Pair with Pontiff's Right Eye and/or Hornet Ring. The critical damage is in the 1000 hp range and will one hit kill many players on a backstab.

It is particularly effective against certain bosses, especially the trickier ones like Lothric and Lorian or Soul of Cinder. With Pontiff's Right Eye and Carthus Beacon, SoC was a pushover. The range is enough to reach Lothric when he is riding on his brother's back, allowing you to viciously punish him with strong attacks or a flurry of light attacks. You can use the Weapon Art to move around too. Good for avoiding stuff as a last ditch attempt to get out of somewhere.

The frost buildup seems not to do very much. I've only seen it kick in once or twice, total, and I've used this thing for two complete NG+ runs now. Hypothetically, it should be really good, as it causes the enemy to take more damage and slows down stamina regen. It just never seems to actually happen.
Oh, trust me, you've definitely reaped rewards of the frost buildup. Ever notice how you seemingly do ridiculous amounts of damage after a couple hits for no apparent reason? The Irithyll Straightsword functions in a similar manner; on enemies with little resistance, the second hit will do double/triple damage, as each hit immediately gives 55% frost, and the damage proc occurs quickly. It's essentially a bleed proc that does less damage, but reduces stamina recovery. If you upgrade these weapons, they will give you speed and weight of a medium weapon with the damage of a heavy weapon. Truly underrated.
Better than that overrated SS equivalent. Does more damage on a quality build, just as much frostbite buildup, better for roll catching, better for crits...just a better weapon all around.
Maybe for single targets, but the slashing of the ss can be pretty helpful.
Use ss in the offhand if you need a sweeping attack
I have been using this in the offhand with the irithyll straight sword in PvP, and I came up with some interesting combos: R1 R1 L2 L2 R2 and R1 R1 L2 R2. It isn't a true combo, but hits fairly often, and when it does, the damage can be insane thanks to the guaranteed frostbite proc.