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I use this with a fashion soul I came up with, not very good with It, but I'll take any normal weapon over a meta weapon any day.
What’s the fashion souls?
Fashion souls was sellsword helmet, sunset armor, brigand gauntlets, and eastern leggings, and I also use the leather shield.
It's using the best looking/coolest moveset equipment and not the best utility with ugly looks
If you're trying to Imply that my fashion souls looks like*****, then take a look at the fashion souls page, then compare It to mine again.
My favorite weapon. I didn't start using it until Carthus, but after the knockdown effect on the enemies there and the AR & FP regeneration, I've got it at +9 and it just massacres everything at 40 STR and 25 DEX.
any thing with strike dmg will knock over skellys
Crushes Havel *** and onion wannabees I stopped using the weapon because victory is practically guranteed
Bull*****. Your either full of it or only played the most scrubby of scrubs. I beat your ads with any weapon before you hit me with that slow no reach POS
IF Dark souls teaches you anything at all, its that victory is NEVER guarenteed
Can this not be infused or something or is the page incomplete?
Lol I actually looked at the info closely. Gonna dislike my own comment now.
My new unkindled is named Severian... only cool kids will get this
Serverian? I'm pretty sure i can across your red Phantom once lmao
Terminus Est... Light to raise, weighty to descend
lol i thought the same thing when i came across this. was hoping miyazaki was using urth as an inspo.



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It's named after a Croatian pop songstress from the mid 90's?
lol I used this in my first run up to the Dancer and I had no idea that it restored FP. Would've been nice if I had noticed that.
This is actually really convenient to just have equipped with a full caster setup. The passive and a dusk crown ring combined saves a ridiculous amount of FP.
Not bad, but pretty clearly a pve weapon
Was so much better before the nerf. Used to restore 30 fp.
Buff lapp build?