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How long would it take to get to arch dragon peak coz i am aiming to get the drake blood great sword
last area...
Astora Greatsword is an ultra greatsword, why is it here?
It's a ultra greatsword
lorians greatsword is missing from the list
That's because it's an ultra greatsword, not a greatsword.
So there are magic , dex , str greatsword but no faith one. It seems a bit unfair.
Wolnir's Holy Sword has a weapon art that perfoms Wrath of Gods, which will scale off of faith.
Get mornes great hammer=problem solved
Umm wolnirs you should probably check your facts beforehand
So true
As a pvp fanatic i have found that many matchs are decided by parrying, the greatsword is one of the best pvp weapons imo due to dead angling. Dead angling is feasible with almost any weapon that has a horizonal swing but it is much easier to connect with longer weapons like the greatswords, great curved swords, and ultra great swords. For new players greatswords may not be ideal but with advanced techniques they are high tier pvp weapons.
I've seen people parry dead angles, heck, I've parried a horizontal swing not even aimed at me, but that doesn't change the fact that greatswords are amazing when in the right hands
So there's no greatswords that scaled good on strength?
The only one is the Executioner's Greatsword, with the upgrades reach the B scaling in strength.
Heavy Flamberge and Executioner are your best options
You need to infse it to get netter scaling when D get it upgraded until it gets C ad infuse it with a sharp gem or how it is said and you will get a B scaling
Bastard Sword gets A in heavy
What about the greatsword
The Great sword is an ultra great, go check there.
title is the question.
2 hand attacks can be parried with greatswords, only 2 handed ultra weapons break through parries
It's missing from the page
Wait no I'm dumb that's an ultra Greatsword