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I just beat this maybe on the 10th , used some frost, the went back to the final boss and beat him on 2.attempt, puuh so happy, still need to kill thr dragon later
Just beat him in my first try without watching any videos or reading any guide. He's not that hard to dodge plus the camera is great in this fight.
That's nice Billy. But bragging without proof only makes you look like a jackass
I used to brag but guess what....nobody actually cares.
Use it for your inner strength rather than seeking approval from others.


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Theory : Do I am the only one who think that the red hood that wear both Slave Knight Gaël and the Blood-Starved Beast may be a proof that both are on the same world ??? And Gael is starving for the Dark Soul while the BSB is starving for blood (and Gael mention the "Old Blood" during his transformation) Plus they have like the same attitude, with being on their hands and knees even if we see that they have hands and feet like human, and being very agressive
Dude, dont go full * ok?
The blood-starved beast doesn’t have a red hood, that’s litteraly it’s flesh
I meant literally
Try typing coherent sentences. By the way "am i the only one" would be the correct way to speak, for instance.
Greatshield of Glory, Chloranthy Ring +3, Sun Princess Ring, and a regular mace buffed with poison. Cower behind your shield (if he leaps into the air during the first phase, dodge because that attack will impale you) and attack once or twice. It's not very thrilling, but it's easy enough.
Prolly worth mentioning that if you, like i did, ran thru the game cause you are on ng+3 already and saved the dlcs for last, BUT did the ringed city first, that the original Gael in the cathedral WILL NOT SPAWN. of course, merely talking to him &lighting one bonfire in ariandel world FIRST would have prevented this lol, but I didn't. and now he's gone since I basically killed him already(?) and cut off the only current access to ariandel until the next ng cycle due to the fact that ariandel has no special bonfire warps (like how TRC does at the kiln and after the friede fight.) In summation, do NOT kill Gael until after unlocking ariandel; do not do what I just did LuL.
EDIT: k so, disregard everything I just said lolol. just double checked where he kneels, it turns out Gael was nice enough to leave the painting scrap behind before 'departing' (dying). how nice of him. good fellow ahead
Beat him on SL1 on my first attempt easily with only 1 Estus used. Storyteller's Staff with an offhand Simple Broadsword +10 (because I already had it at +10 and it wasn't seeing use) worked plenty well in deleting Gael's health pool. Rings were Farron, Scholar's, Lloyd's Shield, and Prisoner's Chain.
prisoners chain is +15 free lvls though so it doesnt count
prisoner chain does count since it's still soul level 1 by that logic you can't equip anything since anything will make you stronger
I got 180,000 Souls from him, in NG+.
No cutscene for beating him? Just a bonfire and 2 lines of dialogue from the painter woman? Disappointing honestly. Great fight though.
I think that's the point. The final fight in the Dark Souls franchise isn't between you and a god, a child of dark, a scholar who fled life and death or an amalgamation of kindling to a fading flame. No, you just oppose a nobody who, like you, survived far longer than he reasonably should, for something that now that the world fades one way or another has lost all meaning, simply to fulfill the wishes of a single girl. And as the fight bears no meaning, the aftermath provides no closure...
Pity, that I can't like previous reply.
hole dlc is garbage feels like total trash boss fights so bad
Please learn english before you type.
You're in the wrong place to shame a game, go back to fortnite nine year old..
My guess is you could not get past the demon prince(and that's being generous). Best stick to fortnite kid, I hear its a bit more forgiving. Also your spelling and grammar is utterly atrocious. Stay in school, my young friend
Probably make it past the angles did ya, or spent all of your stats on luck