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I've found a quick, surefire strategy for defeating the dragon. To its right, or to your left while facing the beast, is a large, dark boulder. Go right in front of it, on the dragon's side, and stand in the middle of the upward slope near the ledge. The dragon cannot reach this spot in its first phase, so you can just shoot arrows from there (no distance penalty). Once the dragon's health is halved, and it starts spewing white flame, then the only thing that can hit you is one of the dragon's physical attacks. It is seldom-used, so just heal, and keep shooting arrows until it dies. Be sure not to be too close to the ledge, or you'll fall to your death when hit.
Sorry, I'm talking about the first encounter, where you fight the dragon up close after leaving a cave with a bonfire. Here's the safe spot:
"Make your way across the barren field to see an NPC dragging itself across the ash. Follow the trail it has left behind. If you veer off to the left you will find a solitary wandering Ringed Knight. Defeat it to earn a titanite Chunk, Ember and titanite Slab."

Only the slab is guaranteed (added to inventory automatically), the other items are random drops. I didn't get an ember from the remains.
If you watch the crawling NPC after Halflight's bossfight, it will make it almost to the door, when it will suddenly die, crying out for Filianore again.
"to find the summoner. His summons will appear here and fire arrows at you. Avoid them and kill him"

What kind of useless "walkthrough" is this?? It's not just some simply matter of "killing" him: the archers (etc.) keep firing, and if you cannot survive their last volley, you're dead... and the whole processes reloads (the summoner is back). That, and no mention is made of the ridiculous agro range of the summoner -- it's ghost goons can hit you from almost at the area's bonfire!

This part cannot be beaten without a hefty great shield, good armour and high defence. Otherwise, the archers are a 'one-lock-on-KO'... to say nothing of the fire-breather, the Morne's hammer wielder, the skellies etc.. This is the very definition of 'linear RPG mechanics'... and also an unashamed 'full retardation' of the infamous "moar enemies = difficulty" shtick.
You can hide behind a corner to avoid the last volley of archers, after which the judicator only summons 1 hammer-wielding knight if you are close enough. Easy win.
A good bow, feather arrows, and some ambiguous morals, will get you a kill everytime.
I never use a shield. All you have to do is dodge for invincibility there is not a single thing that cannot be dodged. Stop whining like a child
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Jump off the ledge, climb the ladder, take cover, kill the 2 skeletons that rush you, and then cheese him with a bow or greatbow. I used the Onislayer and it didn't take long. Of course, you have to figure out how to run from cover to cover first........
i mean did you not at all take cover, or
i didn't use a shield or a bow, you run past the giant on the first summon and dodge. if you dodge continually the archers will miss you enough that you can survive and heal up. once you're on the other side of him the archers wont spawn on the next summon. you have to pass him and continue to run a little bit. if you stop immediatly after passing him they will spawn about 50% of the time. dodge ledo the white knight's phantom easily and the two dragon katana users' special dark attack by rolling sideways and forwards at an angle so that it wont curve into you. wail on him and if he starts to physically attack you, you don't have to worry about summons. attack him head on to ensure he goes for you with physical attacks. dodge to the side and hit him and get back in front of him. hope this helps for you next time.
Interesting tidbit of trivia: The sun that is shining through the clouds before fighting Gael (in the World's End arena) goes dark as soon as Gael hits phase 2/3. And it stays dark.
Now if that ain't symbolic of somethin'
If you use the Collapse gesture in the black swamp, you'll completely disappear from view, making for some interesting PvP scenarios. Hide from invaders, ambush hosts, etc...
"Ahead will be a swamp, because this is Dark Souls."
Were these maps drawn by a *****ing toddler.
Also, There is a Ringed Knight in the desert expanse of land close to where Slave Knight Gael was, that you can kill to give you a titanite Slab. You are Welcome!!
It does actually say that
Thanks a pantload for not mentioning that you if you progress with the story you lose the NPC summon for Midir
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