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Die 1000 deaths!

the special is like a Dark Souls version of Akuma's raging demon move lol
I really love this weapon, but no matter how hard i try, i just cannot create a good balanced build around it.
Frequent hitbox bugs ruin PVE battles, low range ruins PVP. Of course it is possible to play using it, but there is no reason not to use dex dual weapons with the same moveset, unfortunately.
I'm using it in sl 60 invasions and I really like it. There are a lot of combos you can do, not just with the fists. My favourite one is r1 into WA r2 then switch to demon's greataxe WA. Rollcatches people left and right. Try 27vig 25end base requirements for demon fist and greataxe and 40 str. At +3 you can get a respectable ~700dmg combo out of it
I use it on SL 250 and can kill people instantly with the true combo of double L1. I use iron fesh as well as carthus beacon, pontiffs right eye, flame clutch ring and havels gauntlets so that my opponents cant tell the difference between it and the pyro glove. It's really OP.
The lack of Stone Ring hampers many weapons in this game, fist ones being the main loser.
L1 can't be deflected by shields. It gets blocked, but you don't have extra recovery frames like you do with the R1, meaning you can safely spam L1 against shielding opponents.
or kick, really.
dont listen to this guy unless you want to get hornet parried
Oh by all means please listen to them. Me and my buckler are looking forward to you doing exactly that
I want them to get buffed. There isn't really anything wrong with them, I just want things to die faster by punching.
They could definitely use a buff. Short range, split damage, no real niche for the scaling and stat requirements- all these factors together leaves them feeling a little under powered. I think just slightly better scaling - either adding a small amount of DEX Scaling or improving the FTH/INT scaling would help. And then deadly punching could easily commence.
Well, what about dark hand?..nah?
Some of the best cosplays require fist weapons. Rocky, Xell Dincht, Kenshiro. And I think we all would miss a ton of fun if we had not at least one playthrough with caestus/demon fists only. I mean it can't be worse than a Mimic cosplay...
Ooh what about a Mimic Cosplay no bonfire run?
who ever said that run is smart why don`t we get someone do that
If you can beat Freya in DS2 with fist weapons, you can beat any boss. Now those Outrider Knights though...
***** THIS WIKI... It does not keep up with patch updates for weapons and makes you waste your time using it. SORRY but your page has suck since ds2.
But they allow for discussions, that's all that matters!



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Do it yourself then fggt.
Do "what" yourself you *****? Site isn't editable by everyone. Only ***** here is you, Patch.
OP kys. No one asked for your opinion but you gave it anyway. If the wiki upsets you then pick up your feelings and do your own research. Stop being a tumblrite sjw and understand you're not that special. Stop disappointing your mommy and daddy.
Thanks for letting people know, shame this community has a lot of try hard idiots who want to seem edgy by making other people feel like*****.
People are here to discuss funny things they saw it talk about strategy not to hear you complain
Had to get this in before the new year. Op is a b!tch
Oh?! you dont like it? lemme tell you somthing are you well aware that no one gives a ****. the **** in this place is so scarce that it does not exist. so instead i advice you to crawl your way to any nearest hole bec this world does not need or support the kind of ppl you are. PS SUCK MY DONG
I second patches, if it's so easy do it yourself. Make your own wiki. Because it's obvious no one else here wants you.
I really expected to find this comment
I split an atom with my high kick baby
I am a master cause I practice daily
Perfect for my Star Platinum build.
i would rather use the Caestus for star platinum

but demon fists will work kinda well with a magician's red build
It could also represent hamon for a jonathan build
resembles strongly the Ifrit fists form Devil May Cry (the good first part). If it only would have the kick and charged fire ball attack...and range.
DMC is just anime trash