it is really easy boss, just stay in front of the boss and allow him to electicity from his mouth, dodge the attack and hit him. it will make his ki drained. Do it 3 times and he is gone
its weird but this is the boss giving me the most trouble so far. The fight is very long, I don't deal a lot of damage, and after a while i alway get hit byt a lightining and die instantly...
Im kind of scared of what awaits next ... if I ever get passed this dumb electric monkey
No idea what's wrong with this boss particularly or with the game, but if he runs out of stamina he becomes even more deadlier just one-shotting with some random lightning in melee. Only killed him after realized this. If his stamina is 0 just **** run away from him until he recovers it.
Use living weapon. **** died within fifteen seconds.
You can actually run to the bell when he lighning strikes you. He will get staggered and KI depleted since he got circet wired
This was the easiest boss for me because living weapon. It staggered in almost every combo with my spear plus earth bull. I kept getting it, ( it won't dodge or block plus it's the one getting staggered)so my meter kept regenerating. Ended the fight with my meter still full. I started living weapon when it had like 70 percent life.
Single hit and run is good vs him. When he tires, he will stagger on hit and that's when you hit him with living weapon.( you can also call it when he is nearly tired, then you drain his ki with a spam) When he rolls, he will Also call thunder, so only approach him after it's clear . Try to be at his side, near his back. But not directly behind him or his tail will tag you. Don't stay near him too long or he will use a spin move. Try to dash away when he calls thunder because he may call several and the bolts will chase you. His claws will miss you if you stick to his side, and be near his rear legs. You can punish him a lot if he misses and you are in a good spot.
I have tested amrita and gold drop by fighting without any equipment that will increase amrita or gold earned from the boss. amrita earned : 3900 Gold earned : 253 This is just a guessing, may be the amrita and gold earned increase or decrease depends on how many times you encounter the boss