I beat this guy fair and square, spear poke and keep distance, this boss has a tendency to rush you if your stamina bar too low. Hard af btw. Spear in my best buddy since Souls into this game.
Holy crap that guy is pure cancer in the sub mission! Had him 6 times at like 5% hp but then he always oneshotted me with one of his *****ing dashcombos ...and this *****ing electric puppy oh my god...the 7th time i had him really low he killed me again and i raged so hard that i broke me right hand from punshing my table...10/10 best game i`'ve ever played!
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, that was fun af to read.
You have to hit our boss 100000000000000000 times but he can kill you in 1 shot look how elite and skillful our game is guess you have to git gud
You can use the same strategy in both Main and Sub Missions. Equip a Kusarigama and in High Stance use only the Strong Attack while kiting him around the pillar / stone. In the sub mission you also have to either wait or bait his attacks and then very quickly interrupt or counterattack them with the Kusarigama High Stance Strong Attack. This attack has excellent range so it will sometimes catch him even when he is almost out of range. Best attacks to use this strategy are his blade dance, jump and "Sword Clock" attack, you can interrupt the last attack at least. This strategy will eventually kill him, although you have to keep in mind it's extremely cheesy so you will eventually have to learn to play the game as there are many bosses where this kind of "Object Cheese" is not possible.
I can never get the smithing text for warrior of the west bow to drop
This fight is literal trash. Nothing fun about it. It just sucks.
yes you are right I play on pc and use on him canon and yokai water and his stamina is regenerate. If you shot him in the head you can do him damage. Depending on his moves until he aproch you you can damage almost half of his life. I was lvl 62 and kill me one hit. You hit him and deplete his ki. ..then one hit and you are dead.I can't use living weapon. Very unbalanced boss. And his weakness when you use water damage is a joke
***** this guy
Throw some kunai or shuriken! When he is almost tired, he will be defensive and try to recover ki. If you cannot catch him, you can gun him down with a shuriken or kunai spam. You can knock him down. Very handy since he hits so hard in the submission. Using 14 , 7 kunai and 7 shuriken, I got to save 3 almost missed ground execution chances. Also, tip for ground execution, dont spam triangle. If you are doing a normal att instead, you have to stop the combo, then try again or that's all you will do. I lost some chances thanks to this.
The trick is to tire him, then grapple. Go to options, on enemy stamina bar. Actually Knock downs deal even more dmg, grapple is a waste. ( you can hit him one more time after a grapple or knock down execution )If you don't tire him, you can combo him once at best. He blocks and dodges really good, so it's just hit after his combo, then run away. Also, if he twirls his sword, you can cancel his special move if you kunai or dash attack him first. But if you are late and he gets hyper armor, or stagger proof, you are gonna get punished
I just used the pillars in the first fight, and the big rock in the second fight, baiting him to walk around them, and battōjutsu his *** to death. Kind of cheap, but it's simple, and you can keep covered from his damn bow
I have tested amrita and gold drop by fighting him without any equipment that will increase amrita or gold earned from the boss. (The spirit stone slumbers) amrita earned : 4680 Gold earned : 256 \\\ (an invitation from the warrior of the west) Amrita earned : 5370 Gold earned : 657 \\\ Sorry I did not reach the last one yet \\\ This is just a guessing, may be the amrita and gold earned increase or decrease depends on how many times you encounter the boss