Visions of Vacuous Spider...
I still haven't beaten rom any advice on how to cheese him??
Was stuck on this forever, used 5 masks and killed him in 30 seconds.
Living weapon with Kato on the final phase, and done
The masks are the best, holy*****.
Huge boss made of water.

Fire works well against it.

Yes... Yes, that makes perfect sense...



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I think it's supposed to oily.
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Boiled Umibozu
and here I was using lightning like some kind of ********



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To be fair, it is a boss surrounded in water. Fire wasn't expected to be good against it by anyone.
I know you don't get the phoenix guardian spirit until later in the game, but locking onto it and using the summon talismans just annihilates it's health.
I used 3 masks and guardian spirit bless those masks fam
The first thing you want to do is rush to the torch. Unless you have a fire guardian spirit, only use living weapon to save your life. You will loose your important fire buff. It's very good to use the huge torch. It will buff your weapon for a very long time, almost the whole fight and the damage boost is so superior to mere talismans. A fast weapon that hits a lot is great. The water guardian spirit is good here because water resist. Don't bother using a guardian spirit to attack, the giant torches are better. It will telegraph it's one hit move by leaning back a little. By the second phase, you should keep moving sideways. Dodge its forward slam or leap, and you have an opening. It's important to keep your cool here. It has huge hp, so you need to be defensive and read it.
It's a thing that more mini umi will spawn if you consume one torch. But it's worth it. One torch can last till he is near death, he spawns minions the first time of phase one and phase 2. You'll have one to deal with, by phase 2 if you use one, but that's manageable. You will be constantly moving around him by phase 2 anyway.
I have tested amrita and gold drop by fighting without any equipment that will increase amrita or gold earned from the boss. ||||| amrita earned : 9612 ||||| Gold earned : 1162 ||||| This is just a guessing, may be the amrita and gold earned increase or decrease depends on how many times you encounter the boss