So water is the best?


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If you have a character oriented around dishing out tons of Phys damage, absolutely. That said it seems a lot more enemies are resistant/immune to water damage than other elements, though I might be wrong there.
The only game I've ever seen so far where WATER is weak to FIRE. lmao
Imagine the creature weak to fire is a pot with water on the inside. Heat the pot, no more water. It's really not that far-fetched. I'm glad they took a different turn instead of following the norm.
Imagine the creature that is weak to fire is a pot with water. Heat the pot, no more water. It's really not that far-fetched.
im pretty sure the sun would boil the oceans if it got closer
Quickest way to remove stench is fragrant wood.
Or much like fire, if you can find a barrel of water and dash through it then you won't be affected any more and for the duration the water affect lasts on you making it viable to run through fire walls while drenched.
Scorched is not fire damage. You can have 100% elemental damage resistance and not only will fire damage still build up, the dot from scorched will still deal damage to you.
this page is F trash
In what way? It has all the info one could possibly need on status effects. Desperate for attention or just a fu*king idiot?
Just to be precise: Fire and Poison are similar even in output damage. They are both damage over time, but in different ways. Fire is much more faster but ends before than Poison. In 1 second, Fire deals 3 waves of damage. So for each second it lasts, Fire inflicts 3 times the same flat damage. For instance: assuming you'll inflict the Scorched status effect on a enemy and supposing Scorched status lasts 6 seconds, each second you deal (example) 3x100 of Fire damage (first wave 100 dmg, second 100 dmg and third 100 dmg). Totally, you'll inflict 1800 fire damage over time (divided into 18 waves). Poison instead deals 1 wave of damage in 3 seconds (just one). The flat damage of the unique wave is superior than the fire one (but of course fire is 3 waves per second).