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• found at: ???
• dropped by: ???

You've done it again, fextra.
of course the op could help fill in the blank spots, but I get the feeling that's not going to happen anytime soon.
I recently found this sword from a revenant and it was lvl 106 purple. Therefore it's obtainable on first playthrough. Now if someone can find the sword without relying on revenant we have the location known.
smithing text dropped by hanzo in the abyss (one example to farm it is floor 4 take the red ship and hope you get the right zone and him to spawn)
I also have one lying around in purple on lvl 89 but i cant remember where i got it maybe the level can give people a clue because i havent used it yet


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I've only ever seen this from rng drops by normal enemies, that change to atk is spectacular for a Str character though. Anyone know where to get it consistently?
on revenant i loot this odachi at 80% loot drop :p on revenant have an odachi ( and i don't finish the game in first difficulty :p ) ( and i don't know welle english language sry )
I got the Taro Tachi from revenants as early as lvl ~30 (still don't know how to get it otherwise), now i have a Divine +6 one, i kept getting better versions of it along the way too. So just keep an eye out for odachi wielding revenants and you should get it no trouble. This is probably the strongest odachi due to the Str scaling, you can get other effects by reforging anyways.