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Is it possible to kil them both in same time? I mean with single hit of some big weapon, when they are both injured?
as soon as one hits zero it sets up for the super boss fight no skipping out on part two of this fight man
i tested it its soon as you kill, the other one becomes immune to damage
lol why, solair helps all these people, but all he does for me is buff the boss and die while im bodying smough
I need help
Still need help? If so, what console?
Smough is actually a woman.
What makes you say that?
Huge Boobs!!!!!!!!
PS4 Remastered I’ll help anyone who needs it.
psn is creamercup add me sometime
You forgot the bug where super ornstein becomes 100% immune to spells whenever he so much as takes a step. He needs to be standing 100% still and immobile, or all my spells from soul spear to homing soul mass will pass straight through him, dealing no damage.
So this just happened, I joined as a phantom to farm for medals and we got to the main hall before the boss fog and were fighting the giants (host wanted them dead for some reason) and randomly the animation for Ornstein dying and Smough going super mode popped up. We went in and only had to fight Smough. Anybody else encounter this?