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Never appeared for me
This npc is insanely strong. Just ignore it. At ng+8 I'm still doing barely any damage to it and get 1 shot by his arrows and sword.
Never ignore him. He drops a +3 Wolf Ring. You might wanna level up a bit, but I kill him every time no issues all the way up to NG7.
? Sounds to me like your VIG and resistances are too low. He's a pansy so long as the heralds don't follow you.
For whatever reason he didn’t spawn for me at the Ringed City. Never happened before and I’ve played through this area dozens of times. Always spawned before. There must be some undocumented fail condition those of us he isn’t spawning for have stumbled upon? Sucks because I’m a low poise greatsword and UGS user.
He invades when near the black witch set.
Im not defeat Yhorm yet, and get embered.. Still, he not invade
Late response, but I've found that invader NPCs that don't show up when embered do so if you go online.
I probably already know but I accidentally killed adjudicator, Midir l and Gael before finding alva. I take it I *****ed up and now have to wait until I start my ng+ to find?
Probably late and you already know this by now but you can go to the purging monument and reset the spears of the church fight so you can get invaded again
doesn't invade me. I'm embered and haven't defeated Yhorm the giant also. Btw, im playing offline. Anyone can tell me the reason why?
You need to be connected to the internet for NPC invaders to invade. you don't have to be in online mode, just connected to the internet, hope it helps.
I've been invaded by npc's without being connected to the internet before
doesn't spawn for me in the ringed city, killed all bosses but i revived judicator argo and i am at the right spot and am embered, do i have to rest at a bonfire for him to spawn or am i missing something?
nevermind, he did invade after i rested at a bonfire
lol he fell from a high place when he tried to dodge my attack.
okay this guy does not appear in ds2. but this guy appear in ds3 as darkspirit or it likely that his armor set was stolen like zullie's does
He definitely appears in ds2
He doesn't appear in ds2 but you van buy his armor from maughlin the armorer
Doesn’t he appear with 2 different names? If i recall, the invader in irithyll is "Alva, Seeker of the Spurned", but in the Ringed City you get invaded by "The Seeker of the Spurned". Or my memory might be shotty.
Probably. If the "Moaning Knight" is Eygon of Carim, then it's reasonable to assume other invaders like Alva would have different names. I haven't encountered him, though.