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I fought the nurses first by running back outside and fighting them in front of the house. they follow then die. then go back in, use rain in rooms to kill candles. send one player to confront doctor. start fight then use tactical retreat and or teleport to get team out of house and defeat nemesis there. the doctor stays inside. make sure louse is wearing the helmet which makes her immune to charm or kill her and revive later.
I broke the barrel, got kicked out, and do not have Lohan. Is there anyway back in to kill him?
Do not have lohse*
I did it using summoned oily blob (probably every summoned creature works as well). I have no idea why, but when you control oily blob, you can just open the door without any dialogues. (Or maybe it was just a bug)
This is how I manage to turn this fight into a just the doctor by himself. You need two teleporters (you can use teleport scrolls if you want). First you get one character to teleport him out of his room and into the hallway (this initiates a conversation with that character). While they are talking, use another character to keep teleporting the doctor until he is out of his house and onto the bridge. Now he's all by himself and you can initiate the fight there.
I dropped a 43,000 kg coin pouch full of barrels on the doctor. It was very effective.
The doctor throw me out .. door wont leave me back in. Glead violating around at that door triggered a fight with the elf at the entrance desk, so i coud get back in :)
I find this fight hard with Lohse in my team and no anti charm on her. Also i didnt weak him on the last candles. Finally bait him using Lohse. Killing her and resurrecting her. He loose his turns trying to charm her.
I probably sold the fish scroll along time ago. Before the doctor banished me out, I put a pyramid in one character and I drank a medium invisibility potion and unlocked all the doors and put myself in the spot at the basement as if I used the scroll. I then used the pyramid to get all the other characters into the same spot. I thought I was possibly losing xp so I tried to find the exchange scroll. To keep it short. You don't receive XP if you have the scroll and use pyramid as intended with the barrel.
Easy way to beat the doctor (Cheese): 1.kill his nurses 2. stack their corpses on him 3. use mass corpse explosion 4. profit (he'll be down to 1-2k health, no physical armour and 2 of his 4 nemesis demons are dead most likely
Human form now have same health and armor as demon but still possible to kill him without transforming. While u have Lohse in group he is refusing to talk to anyone else but neutral and possible to attack so there is no scripted initiative bonus yet. Got him before transformation with 2 lone-wolf rogues on tactician difficulty


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My main char is Louse and thus the doc immediately turned into the monster form which can basically incinerate the whole group in 1 turn. apparently the 2nd try was super freakin easy. step 1. i had the red prince fighter equipped with the shield from the god king tomb (perma death wish) and shied throw. I reduced its health to near death (like +96% damage) and with 3000+ dmg i killed all the house members except for the doc and maybe the 1 next to it. since its 1 hit kill you don't trigger a fight. step 2. took RP and Battlemage Fane aside and approached the doc with archer louse (can summon bone spider) and rough Sibile (exchange force). while they are chatting, I cast LivingOnEdge on both and moved back to sneak (easy cause I killed all the outside minions) Battle start and the demon burn the***** out of Lause and sib. Sibile is down to about 1 HP. Surprise attack: RP enters the combat from sneak with shield bash (~2.9-3k dmg) and Fane (shield bash/ Infect ~0.9k dmg) Louse is next with 2 max damage arrows+spider (2 hits) had about 4*400dmg . that leaves Sib to take out the rest of the armor, exchange life (6000+ turned to ~1) and spank a killing blow. (she got 7m walk, free walk and +3AP from skills). The fool didn't even have time to react, demon my ***. Fane and RP (in their turn phase) made a cake out of the last minion.