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Seriously, who designed this ****** should burn in hell.


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Deep breaths.
Like how much health does this man have its seriously damn near broken. Ive beat him before but rn on my BL 38 this seems ridiculously unfair especially since ive been breezing through the game so far no trouble. The massive health pool with the gun spam that does INSANE damage and the instakill parry/visceral just seems a tad much. Also isnt it a bit strange that From makes this amazingly dynamic combat system with amazing weapons then essentially shows players all you gotta do is have high bloodtinge and spam your way to victory?
I used poison knifes, oil urns and molotovs until i ran out then i just waited for the chikage damage and used the bloodsky eye. Took a couple attempts on new game++
It’s okay to cheese him. He also can’t beat you without cheesing you with infinite bullets with a gun whose main weakness is that it’s supposed to run out of bullets quicker than other guns.
He also has an draw speed buff that lets him hit you first even if you swing first.
The old hunter bone gives you a millisecond to dodge his gun, if you get caught mid dodge, you take double damage and die instantly
great npc battle but with the blade of mercy this fight is a walk in the park,even in ng+
If you're having a hard time with this guy, try using a long range weapon. I originally used the Rakuyo and didn't stand a chance. But after switching to the Burial blade I beat him immediately. The fight was still incredibly intense and I still struggled alot but by timing charged R2 attacks at the right moment you can hit hard whilst keeping him at a distance.
***** this guy goes nothing
Finally . . . FINALLY. Difficult as hell, but an incredible and fun (if at times frustrating) fight.
gg. I like this fight too, dont know why most ppl hate him
The Bloody Crow is a man. Very rarely, I'll come across a comment or two using female or non-binary pronouns for this character. His scream upon death is very clearly male, and the Crow Hunter's garb does not have the slight bump on the chest that the female forms have. Dude's a dude.
Idk why youre getting downvoted.... It's true, I just defeated him and I think it's the generic male voice sample that you can choose in character creation?