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Dodgeball Anyone?
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"Toys>Kill Ball"
Forbidden Fun never stops being fun.
140SL | 1.6M SM - really good spell if you're going with an INT build. the soft cap for pyromancies is fth+int = 60, so, if you're doin a 60 int build (even a faith build) its a really good spell to have, and if you're going with 50 ATN, you have two casts. press crystal soul spear, and then forbidden sun if your target tries to heal, you will most likely win any invasion / pvp combat. bit cheesy but hey its dark souls 2.
Used a bug, got 30 forbidden suns SL 1. GG EZ, ty ymfah
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It is PC only. You can just Google it.
lol yup this combined with the vanquisher's seal and my escanor will be complete
Can you close his cage back up if you opened it on accident