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This npc has layers.
Siegward=Shrek confirmed?
Do you think his armor is compensating for something?
Can anyone help in the Irithyll Dungeon bit? I am taking the route the wiki says, but it only leads to a window of Siegbro's cell. TL;DR Am I dumb?
You on ps4?
You're dumb if you don't bother to read the article. What is up with millennials who need instant answers and can't figure out anything on their own? Trophies for no effort does that.
For anyone else confused years later, go to the profane capital bonfire and down the stairs (not the ones that take you to the fog and Yhorm) hop out the window to an area below. Find the swamp that does toxic damage and find the only structure around. At one point you'll fight someone who will drop a Logan scroll. At that area you can jump off the roof into a window that leads right to his cell.
If you do the dancer and clear out lothric beyond it, even if you don't do dragon armor boss, it breaks his quest. patches won't appear in the cathedral after you open the double doors, even if you re-load the game.
Actually, nevermind, i had gone up to the rafters and that put patches in the tower.
It was sad to see him getting one shoted in the Yhorm fight. I saw the fight in videos and it seemed he could actually take a lot of damage before dying but the Siegward in my first run died instantly in one shot and now the fight scaled up in difficulty a lot considering that now I have the full focus on Yhorm on me which makes almost impossible to fully charge Storm Ruler (yes, if Siegward dies during the fight, you get all his loot, and then he does not appear again in subsequent fights with Yhorm, so you better kill Yhorm in your first attemp, considering that Siegward draws agro from Yhorm which makes charging and hitting him with the Storm Ruler's WA pretty easy).
Ok seriously this is the easiest boss in the game. Except for first try because I suck at inventory managing. I mean you can keep the charge even with the weapon art button let go of. That means that's you get a free charge when you enter, then every time he falls to the ground after getting hit you get free charges too. Then the attack is just a slower than for example Farron GS Heavy which I use on pointiff and silver knights without problem.
After him dying every playtrough on Yhorm fight, I tried not rushing for the Storm Ruler, but tanking the boss while Sieg does the damage and he actually survived for the first time
Can't you rush the stormruler wearing the skullring?
He dies in your playthrough? He can solo Yhorm almost every time, in my experience. Getting the Storm Ruler just makes it easier on him, but I usually do stab Yhorm in the legs once or twice if I'm not using the greatsword, to make sure he's not being pressured too much. Never seen him die, though, he handles himself really well.
He dies every time fighting Yhorm in my playthrough…


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Btw, it's called "Siegbräu", not "Siegbrau". Wouldn't mean anything in German if it was brau...
sig-vard of ca-ta-ri-na
if he's still alive from 1, how old is he? supposing that the difference between ds 1,2 and 3 is hundreds, thousands or millions of years, because the flame would not go out from day to night
This is "Siegward". The onion knight from ds1 was "Siegmeyer". Both are voiced by the same actor though.
Who really gives two flying sh*** about how old the onion bro is?
I did everything and the little***** didn’t help me with Yhorm. I’ll be killing in every subsequent playthrough from now on
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I just the Yhorm fight with Siegward and Siegward died right as I killed yhorm... I'm actually about to cry :(
Patch’s will not sell Siegwards armor to me I help Siegward kill the demon and did all of his dialogue before leaving and I didn’t see patch’s in the cathedral I found him when he trapped me in the tower
Killing Patches will give you the full set plus the Pierce Shield. The only downside is if you liked Patches (yeah right) or if you wanted to use him to save Greirat one of the two times you send him out (the third time he will die no matter what, so don't send him to Lothric Castle).
I lost my buddy... I miss my onion buddy...
I gonna miss him