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I'm trying to get my last trophy (beating yahrnum) and since I've explored everywhere else, figured she had to be in a chalice. Well I tried this chalice today, payed till 2 am and still haven't beaten this bastard. Even used a summon. And after reading about queen yarnhum here, turns out you need to do this ridiculously unfair cursed chalice dungeon. I love this game but this boss but for whatever reason this ***** has given me the most trouble of any boss. Yeah I'd beaten it in another dungeon but going into the defiled, I was praying that this one wouldn't be a boss. (I'm much better at Amygdala at least.) I don't even like the chalice dungeons-thinking about quitting this game for a while. Though some advice here (baiting his head; I've been attacking his legs/sides after dodging into head swipes) seems good. Plus just learned church pick is serrated and I'm starting to like this weapon.
It makes it a long fight, but I stumbled upon a consistently successful tactic yesterday. I used the Saw Cleaver in its normal state. Stay in front of The Dog and bait his side-bite attacks. Jump back out of reach and then go in as his head is returning to its neutral position. Hit his head once or twice, back off, and repeat. The only reason I died when doing this was because I kept getting greedy (died twice when he was at the last of his health because "JUST TWO/THREE MORE HITS AND HE'S DEAD!!!"). The time I won I just forced myself to be patient (he was at 2-3 hits for a full minute before I got a good opening) and I only used 3 blood vials. Taking this fight slowly doesn't make it a battle of attrition, as you can easily avoid The Dog's attacks when you play just on the outside of his range. Just be patient and he'll be unable to touch you.
Dying 50 times, no matter what, with summon, without, even when you see the attack and react accordingly, nothing changes. What utter bull*****This breaks the game for me, coming to realize all the other guys frowning about the difficulty are actually right. There is nothing there. Just hours and hours of gameplay in a loop. And if your done, no accomplishment, nothing, because what have you actually achieved? Utter nothingness. I wonder if we, who like the FROM games so much, are maybe on a wrong track here... Well anyway I quit this***** before it sucks more empty hours out of my life.


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Maybe your stats suck, your cooperators suck, your weapons/weapon choice suck(s), or maybe you just like to *****.
Yeah, I guess all of the below:) Much salt in there. Ah wll, bb
If you have trouble beating him in the Defiled Chalice dungeon, let me give you some insight. Don't stand in front of him. All his bite and claw attacks can instantly kill you. Don't stand between his legs. His charge will instantly kill you. Don't stand behind him. His AoE attack can instantly kill you. 3rd Phase: Don't stand anywhere. His explosion fills out the whole arena and can instantly kill you. Gl hf
Layer 3 Amygdala fight in cursed defiled dungeon was much more easier. ( by normal way not by cheating) I finished Amygdala after dying only 20 times.
Buy a lot of vials and paper bolt. Upload ( save) your game in the cloud. After you die and ran out vials and bolts, dowload your savefile from the cloud ( be careful of auto upload). you will have your vials and bolts, no need to farm. If this is cheat, its you to decide, but i prefer my mental health.
this is for the boss battle of couse


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This could've been random chance or just luck but during charge a fully charged r2 from simon's bowblade seems to be able to interrupt it so others can test this if they want and if it is true can change the section on the charge



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How the F- do I struggle with level 150 character, but easy with level 92 character?
I cheesed him with the Holy Moonlight Sword. Charge R2 and then dodge. Rinse and repeat. When you are out of bullets just press up on the d-pad and keep cheesing away.


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Church picks transformed R1 attack I'd great for him. It's a solid downward swing and can easily hit his head. Bait him into those attacks, and slam with the pick
Works really well for me. Thanks for the tip!