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Ok so i have seen a couople threads on this yet i wanted to get all this down in one place with my evidence as to why i think the Old Gods may be the Forgotten/Forbidden Ones.

Ok so to start what do we know abot the Elven Pantheon and the Old Gods.

To start we know that the Old gods were Tevinter Dragons that were sealed within the Earth for the first Sin Taking the Place of the Maker in Mans Hearts.

In the mortal realm these demons took the form of dragons, winged Old Gods that ruled over the land. The living started to worship them instead of the Maker, an act recognized as the "Original Sin."
Thus the Old Gods turned humanity away from its true creator through deceit.

In fury the Maker cursed the Old Gods, imprisoning them in underground tombs where they would slumber eternally.

Codex entry: The Old Gods

This is a Chantry Tale that seems to fit rather nicely to a Similar Codex entry found during the Mythal Temple in Inquisition

"His crime is high treason. He took on a form reserved for the gods and their chosen, and dared to fly in the shape of the divine. The sinner belongs to Dirthamen; he claims he took wings at the urging of Ghilan'nain, and begs protection from Mythal. She does not show him favor, and will let Elgar'nan judge him."
Codex entry: Ancient Elven Writing

Given that Mythal is Flemeth and her favorite form is the Dragon it seems that this may actually be corroborating evidence that the Old Gods had the ability to transform into the same.

"For abandoning the People in their time of greatest need, for casting aside form to flee to where the Earth could not reach, we declare Xebenkeck and others of her ilk exiled from the lands of the Evanuris. Beware! Their familiarity with shape allows them to travel paths unaided. They may be bound, but only the protection of your gods will fully shield you from their malice. They are Forbidden from the Earth that is our right."
Codex entry: Vir Dirthara: Exile of the Forbidden Ones

In the sentence they are bound may mean that they were bound to the dragon form and cast into the Abyss an act that Fen Harrel was always credited with yet we have no confession or evidence of such as he as freely admitted to trapping the other gods why would he not take credit for this as well.

Now with Solas' admission of trapping the Evanuris within the Veil it has been said and i cant remember where that they may be what resides within the Golden/Black City if that is the case then it would make sense that as the Old Gods who were adopted by Tevinter whispered of a way to enter the Fade and "usurp the Throne of the Maker" could have been a plot in the age old struggle of the Forbidden ones and the Evanuris.

Lastly the whispers within the Well of Sorrows mention that Mythal is tied to the Calling, something that is so far been only involved with the Old God song to the Darkspawn, with this information it could be that with the Arrival of the Magisters in the Goldne/Black City that the Evanuris placed a curse upon them tainting the lyrium used to enter the fade knowing it was blood of the Titans

"Hail Mythal, adjudicator and savior! She has struck down the pillars of the earth and rendered their demesne unto the People! Praise her name forever!"
Codex entry: Veilfire Runes in the Deep Roads

This would spread it to the Old Gods corrupting them in the hopes that it might kill them or in the very least spread destruction upon a world the felt betrayed them.

"What the Evanuris in their greed could unleash would end us all. Let this place be forgotten. Let no one wake its anger. The People must rise before their false gods destroy them all."
Codex entry: Veilfire Runes in the Deep Roads

I know this is not all that there is to be used to either support or dispute and anyone who wants to add to this feel free this was just a quick set of ideas that may tie together some of the questions about who the Old Gods and the Forgotten ones were.

I am by no means an expert on the Dragon Age Lore this was just a post to show support for one of my Theories



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Well, we've discussed that quite a bit in the old Bioware threads and found a lot of great details woven in and interconnecting the lore. If you're interested, check it out, I'll link it. Most of my old thread is still intact (we were priviledged enough to have most of our history from bioware ported to Fextralife, which was a lifesaver heh...) Anyways, here's the link:
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