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People sitting around waiting their turn for duels against twinked hosts with 30% extra health, then a blue shows up and you act shocked that you're being ganked. Smarten up retards, a solo host is just a gank you caught off guard.
Or some veteran player on Ng+++++++++++, it's always funny when some noob Rosalia or other covenant item farmer invades, using their +3 feather duster of tickling.
Two and a half hours and I just got my first sword grass but I did get like 5 titanite shards they would be useful if I wasn't using a +3 weapon
watchdoge of farron
Last covenant. I thought farming the Sunlight Medals and Mad Warrior in Dark Souls 2: SotFS was bad, but nope. Proofs are the absolute worst of all of them. I sold at least 600+ titanite shards AFTER upgrading every weapon and shield and I got another stock of 600. I'd offer left overs to someone but I don't have PlayStation Plus to use any online features.
Can somebody help me with this am to high level and in ng+5 have got every ring and thropys except for wolf ring please help I ll drop it back and gave million souls
it's POISONED, not poisened.



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