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how much does it cost?
About 5,50
A summoned friend of mine recently dropped it for me to use it and later I gave it back while being a phantom.
I sold mine to gavlan before manscorpian.. Cat doesn't have it anymore.. Am I *****ed?
Seconded, I dropped mine for a friend. He was able to grab the ring and use it with no problems
i am aware that you cannot voice chat with invaders but will a nearby invader trigger the growling sound effect?
(just thought it could make pinpointing invaders a little faster, as every advantage helps)
how close do enemies need to be before the sound effect will play?
At cardinal tower I hear it say "are you ready" near the bonfire
i put the ring of whispers on and there i hear it. a soft whisper saying "git gud"
I accidentally sold it shortly after getting it, is there a way to get it back? or is it gone forever?
Gone until NG+ I believe. If you don't want to wait again get a friend to buy one and let you borrow it for the quest.