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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Does not this force you to go all in with one type of damage, either elemental or phyisical, so you do not have to eat through both armors?
The idea is: look which armor is lower, rip off this, apply crowd-control (knockback if no physical, petrify or blind if no magic), continue killing.
Sure the "idea" is to tear the lowest of the two. The reality is that you can't carry a mix of the two and not have to deal with long fights. It forces you to create groups that are heavy on either one and not play the classes as you would like. For example you end up making a much of casters because even if you come across a mage with high magic protection you can still deal with it fine. 100% magic/physical overcomes all cases oppose to say 50% of your group can do physical. It is a silly system, not sure what they were thinking, it is more of a pain than it is fun. Thankfully the are many other aspects that make this game amazing.
If you use mixed parties (Both Physical and Magical Damage) you can split your damage between the weakest enemy, while this takes a little longer and may not be viable in honour mode (Not sure, not my cup of tea) it still allows you to play whatever you want, as this game rewards hybrid builds (mutiple type spellbooks, diverse enemy resistances, etc...) you can do both types of damage even on one character and still win fights. What I did was focus my mage with necromancy on top of elemental for physical damage, used small elemental hybrids on my ranger/rogue and warrior, and finaly used a summoner that would switch between elemental summons and blood infusions. This worked quite well for classic mode.
What's the resistance cap without any talent? And if there is one, do potions bypass it?
The Resistance Cap should be 200%, and Potions do go over 100% res.
So, if you had 50% all res and drink a +75% all res potion, you get healed by all elemental damage by 25%, which is kind of overpowered.
In other words: Trumpets of Death is extremly valuable :D
Does anyone know what the undead talent does for the 100%+ resist feature?