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how to beat behemouth step 1 get three good players step 2 hide behind them while spamming a range weapon step 3 (optional) status behemouth step 4 dracen armour
step 0 learn grammar
Step 0.8: Use trainer to unlock Drachen armour. Step 0.9: Watch the suckers all get OHKO'd by ecliptic meteorite and laugh and laugh and laugh...!
I'll summarize what you just said: Step 1 - be a *****
Edgiest boss, honestly.
people need to stop calling *****ing monsters "bosses" this aint a *****ing platformer
Seregios would like a word with you
Um excuse me its obviously Deviljho, that pickle freaking vapes dude
They're literally the definition of bosses, monster bosses, holy*****. Just because it's called "monster" hunter doesn't mean that the *****ing DEFINITION of a boss is taken away to be replaced with just "Monster" my god people can be ignorant. Just take a goddamn second to fact check yourself before spreading your nonsense..
Agreed, straight out of an edgy game.
Well, when you go to hunt a monster, has it ever said "boss" quest, or "boss hunt"? No. I don't think so, dip*****
Behemoth is a boss monster from Final fantasy, so yes it's a "boss." :) Monsters in monster hunters are also called 'boss monsters' by the Dev team.
is the guard up jewel gonna help?
Yes, most notably his body slam is only guardable with guard up.
you cant use farcaster when he summons the eclyptic meteor, just use the farcaster for emergency purposes like if you’re extremely low and cant heal situations or if he got you into a corner
Or in a surprisingly common situation of 'Behemoth broke all of the comets and you know the meteor is coming any moment, so one person farcasters to camp to hide so the quest doesn't fail' which sounds really specific, but happens a lot in the final phase
if behemot is to hard boys, just grab plunderblade. and get all the reward to make drachen armour. and then kick his silly little ***. silly as in HARD AS FACK
Why does it say weakest to "Critical Damage"? Does it take bonus damage from critical hits? How much?
Probably a typo... The page / website is full of 'em. In my experience, it's weak to stuff-all, and it's more about whether the team plays co-operatively and knows the required patterns -- than if they attack with certain elements. That, or whether or not one has a Chinese hacker in their squad...
If I beat him in an SOS, does it count in my world? Or do I have to beat him again in my own?
if you have the quest unlocked beating it in an sos counts as you beating it
Yeah, beating it on your own is suicide...
I had more success using infinite mount strategy, by making sure that you stay on the head and not his back, his trashing is less erratic as well as mounting as soon as you enter the area so after the mount (when something is broken) he will then spam comets and you dont have to worry about shattered comets.
this creature is so hard it took me 48 minetes to kill this dic head
That's highly unlikely since the hunt time limit is only 35mins & 30mins for Extreme Behemoth
one does not simply call a monster a "creature".
Be happy cause it takes some ppl months
Two nukes were not enough