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Looking for help on fighting the dancer sl:61 Xbox one gamertag:StixxMagee
Text me on Xbox for pw
[PC] Anyone who can drop Astora Greatsword or Uchigatana? Also need help with pontiff sulivan.
(XBOX) Hey guys stuck on the twins Lothric and lorian on Xbox if anyone wants to help message me on Xbox. x1BigChicken1X
Hi, can you please tell me if there are any mimics in Ashes Of Ariendal DLC? Thanks.
anyone eager to slay gael or midir? PS4
i can you help with mirdir?
Need help with everything I’m at the tree boss
I can help
My username is xXNo8hXx
Hahaha "everything!", i feel you man! msg: swindlemob
anyone there, im trying to beat a couple of bosses. the dancer is number one and pontiff. Im at soul level 18 can anyone help me?
Help with dancer plz
Have you beat yet?
I'm willing to help if needed
Wat game system
Hey, just checking back here. I made it through the game up to the twin princess level 15 and plus 2 weapon. I need help with twin princes can anyone help. Any who are facing the dancer or pontiff at a low level and need help. I will help