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I summoned Eygon for the fight against Dragonslayer Armor. But, his name was misspelled "Egon of Carim" in the health bar, while it was correctly spelled during the rest of the game. Does anyone know why this is?
It's possible that the person you summoned was just a person cosplaying as him.
After I summoned eygon to help me kill the dragon slayer boss I returned to undead settlement where i find him dead in irina cell
I couldnt find the sign when I was killing the crystal sage. In the end I just killed them without him cause a player phantom was waiting on me, which I found dissapointing. Where is the sign?
In the previous room, the one where you faced 2 mages, the sign is between 2 pillars. Be aware that you cant have 2 summoned phantoms in the crucifixion woods, so if you had a phantom already waiting for you then the sign would fade and you would not be able to summon him.
^What anon said, but to be honest, I did miss it the first playtrough because I went straight in that room, never checked behind the pillars until my second run.
I checked behind and between every pillar in the room, no Eygon signature. I even checked the pit in the swamp with ghe Lycanthrope, in case that was the "hole" referred to in the description, still no signature. I ghink someone is just trolling the wiki again.
I checked every pillar in the room but I can't find his summon sign either. I looked everywhere...
You need to give a tome for him to appear
Roll a bit and he can't hit you, after all the pvp I've done lately he was no problem.
I killed him for an early Greatshield for my Greatshield trolling character :)
wow you must be really epic :)
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I killed DS armour and Abyss Watchers but i never found his corpse in firelink and i cant get his mace, the **** is so cool
The corpse of Eygon is in the cell where you first found Irina, in the Undead settlement, near the church where your first meet Siegward.
His corpse is outside the cell that he was holding Irina in. He drops both his *great hammer & shield.
You need to give a tome for him to appear and he will be on the left side in the room when your facing towards the boss.
So, if you give any dark tomes to Irena, even just one, he will kidnapp her and be unable to summon for the Crystal Sage.
Not necessarily you can give them to her he will only come after you if you purchase the dark miracles but if you purchase the holly ones he doesn't do anything
Only if you purchase dark miracles fom her. Giving her the tomes is fine.
After defeating dragonslayer with the help from Eygon, he is dead, what happen with him? Why he is dead anyway? I think he is strongest NPC when come to tank the boss. It make me sad, he is dead for no reason.
His work was to camp near the cage of some babe, you took the babe, dragged him from Undead Settlement into Lothric Castle AND forced him to fight some gigantic haunted set of armor, blessed by lightning that is accompanied by some Phoenix-looking... things. The guy only wanted to sit in front of Irina's cage, no wonder all that got the best of him.
you took his purpose from him is my guess. The area he lies dead indicate that the firekeeper wasn't that unimportant to him as he told us. (also the reason why he appears in the shrine, looking for her) I also think we already found their corpses. Where the two dogs are, near the bridge with the corvians. One is holding a holy book the other one the morne ring. Time is convoluted in the DS universe and that is probably their fate if you didn't have show up, helping them.
The corpses holding a divine tome and the Morne ring are some other Maiden and knight.

Keep in mind, changing something is reflected in the DkS timeline is reflected in the world as we learnt in Dark Souls 1 when we changed the past. We save Irina, so that corpse couldn't be her. Eygon dies away from her regardless of what path you take.
What I'm saying is, if the corpse belonged to Irina, saving her should make it vanish as you've changed the timeline. Irina isn't a phantom from an alternative timeline but rather a person from your own period and world so I don't believe time being convoluted explains anything here.
Curiously, you have to give at least one Holy Divine Braille Tome to Irina to summon Eygon of Carim for Dragonslayer Armour Boss Fight. I hadn't given any tomes to Irina and I didn't see the summon sign near the boss area. I was able to summon Eygon of Carim for Crystal Sage though (without giving any tomes to Irina).
Did you look in the church? It's a bit right of the stairs
He wasn't there for me. Maybe it's because I bought a dark spell from that lady in firelink shrine and now he is mad at me?
Wel, Oswald was from Carim also, and he didn't have any interest in fire keepers as far as we know.
Not everyone from Carim has to be interested in Firekeepers. Similar to how there are different ranks of knights and nobility in real life, the knights that protect a woman/Firekeeper might just be one group. Oswald might be royalty, or part of the church and therefore not a knight.
she wasn't meant to become a firekeeper. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) There destination was the cathedral of the deep.