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Sekiro Skill Trees are now official! Exciting and hopefully something that will help create some fun for those looking for "builds", even if it's much simpler than Souls titles. I'm particularly interested to see how these passive trees work, and what skills we end up recommending to take with your first points.
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this looks super cool wow!
This is beautiful
Cannot wait!!! nice job Fex :)
I cant wait to see this community becoming toxic
Git Gud scrub.
It still says there are 3 skill trees even tho there are obviously more listed already, that line is based on prerelease information, but I guess they'll fix it when it's clear how many there are exactly
There are four 'normal' skill trees, and a fifth that comes from knowing at least one of the final skills on the list (So Aashima cross, shadowrush, Living force). So living force + Ashima cross = new uber combat skill. You get the Mushin style skill from Tengu, when they have relocated to the Snake Temple sculpture. Other 'normal' skill tree is Temple style. Haven't found this one myself.
I got a skill named Shinobi Medicine Rank 1, description as follow : " A Latent Skill that increases the healing effect of recovery items. Medicinal knowledge is vital for a shinobi's survival. Receiving wounds in battle is inevitable. The only way to learn such techniques is to be gravely injured time and time agian by worthy opponents" As decription suggest, i learned by dying again and again against the chained ogre. I wonder if there is any more "hidden" skills like this one
u just get it after killing him